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How 21st Real Estate implemented time-saving HR processes

Sabrina Fiorin

Our customer 21st Real Estate is a proptech company from Germany. The company offers web-based solutions and advice for stakeholders along the entire process of real estate transactions by digitising the valuation and transaction of real estate investments.

21st Real Estate faced the challenge of digitising HR processes. We asked HR Manager Karolina Grzesiak how the company mastered this challenge.

How did you manage human resources before digitisation?

I was a bit surprised when I started at 21st Real Estate and saw that everything is managed with paper. Then I asked myself why that is so and relatively quickly started looking around for providers of HR software.

When did you realise that it wouldn't work without HR software?

I used to work with HR software in other companies because, among other things, we had to manage leave for our employees. That's why I thought it would be too complicated to write down leave requests and illnesses on paper and draft thousands of emails for them. Having an HR software solution makes your work a lot easier and employees can perform tasks themselves without having to maintain annoying spreadsheets and see whether they have entered everything in the correct line and did not make a mistake.

How was the decision process exactly? Where did you look, what criteria did you use?

I used Google and first looked through the solutions I already knew and made several phone calls. I wasn't particularly happy with the results of my research and came across kiwiHR in the end. At kiwiHR, the value for money was particularly good for us as a small company. In addition, it is often good to support somewhat lesser-known companies that put more effort into customer support and place much more value on customer feedback than larger players, with whom we are just a small fish.

How has HR management changed after you introduced kiwiHR?

We save a lot of time. Above all, I no longer have the administrative burden, so I can concentrate on other things, such as recruiting. Therefore, the administrative part is largely eliminated. If I notice that something is missing, I tell the employees to enter their vacation or illness, but I no longer have to do it myself, I just have to see whether it was done. That makes my job a lot easier.

I've also received positive feedback from our employees that they are also satisfied with the solution, as they can keep a better overview because they can see who is in the office and who is working remotely or on vacation. This allows you to have a better overview of what is going on in the company.

What was the most important thing that has changed?

The way in which vacation requests are submitted. The absence function is great. Theoretically, you could also maintain the absences in the classic way in the calendar, but this way you have a better overview of when which employee is on vacation, how much they have already taken and how often they were sick. We have a large office, so I don't always have to see by myself who is there.

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