Level up your leave planning with a staff leave planner

Frank Mittag


A staff leave planner helps business owners and managers keep up with their daily operations and employee processes. But where this often runs afoul is when the dreaded holiday rolls around.

Hold on, you're probably thinking. Dreaded?

Well, no one actually dreads a holiday, but it can be a headache when it comes to administrative functions. In the following article, we'll detail how a leave management system can lead to error-free holidays. Let's begin!


Leave Management Solutions Should Combine New and Familiar

A virtual leave management system is no longer a nice-to-have. It's a must. But before choosing one, look for a system that weaves new tech with familiar functions.

Why's that important? A few reasons:

  • 72% of employees look forward to time off, claiming that it helps both their health and productivity.
  • Even more, 75%, say they expect easier ways to complete routine tasks, such as time-off requests.
  • And 78% of HR leaders blame administrative tasks, in part, for making them feel stressed at work.

There's more where that came from to show that simple, clear solutions like a staff leave planner help your employees and the HR managers taking care of them. So why make it difficult to figure out? 



A Not-So-Secret Ingredient

A leave management solution should integrate with your daily operations and existing solutions. One of the most common that you're probably already using, is an Excel staff leave planner. 

There are a few great things about using a staff leave planner in Excel. For starters, every employee generally knows their way around it or can pick it up in a hurry. That's why over a half-billion people use it.

Furthermore, the most recent versions of Excel automatically update. This increases the level of transparency and intuitiveness in how the system works. An Excel-based staff leave planner also allows for pre-loaded formulas for an even more intuitive experience.

Lest this becomes an advertisement for Excel, let's turn our attention to the specific use within an employee leave management system. Here are the primary benefits.


1. It Prevents Staff Shortages

An Excel staff leave planner has a low barrier to entry. This means everyone accurately can use it.
As a result, your data will be more reliable. When it comes to employee leave, staff shortages are less likely to happen because everyone will know what to expect from the schedule.
Staffing shortages lead to overwork, usually of your best employees. Studies have shown that's a fast way to burn out your talent.



2. It Guards Against Recurring Absenteeism

Monthly reports are good for calling out daily absenteeism. This can highlight specific occurrences, call out reoccurrences, and guard against excessive absenteeism.

3. It Keeps Employees Updated

Vacation time, sick days, training absences, and holidays can all be handled with a high degree of accuracy when using a staff leave planner. This is useful to management, but employees themselves can lose track and appreciate a well-organised staff leave planner for staying in-the-know.

4. It Increases Productivity

A staff leave planner ensures your employees don't have to go through a mini-orientation every time they log sick or vacation time. Spending less time on administrative tasks that have nothing to do with their core job function will only make your employees more productive. 

Let a Staff Leave Planner Lighten the Load

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