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How did Ubicentrex activate remote work instantly?

Aude Creveau
Aude Creveau

Our client Ubicentrex is a company made up of 20 employees (10 developers and 10 salespeople) spread over two activity sites in Strasbourg and Casablanca. kiwiHR spoke with Arthur Coiffard, sales manager and responsible for finding HR software at the start of the Covid-19 crisis.

What does Ubicentrex do? 

Ubicentrex offers an all-in-one solution for hotlines and call centers. Our team of ten developers designs software that allows you to manage shared agendas, multichannel messaging, prospecting campaigns, etc.

To this software expertise, we add expertise in IP telephony. We are a telephone operator declared to Arcep and we make several million calls each month (4.8 million in February 2021)

Ubicentrex equips call centers with 1 to 80 workstations with software and IP telephony and supports each customer with a dedicated sales representative. 

Has the Covid-19 crisis been an accelerator in the digitisation of Ubicentrex?

At Ubicentrex, like almost everywhere, the first confinement sent everyone home. It was a first for us, we had never used telework .

We are a young team that develops SaaS software so we are quite focused on new technologies but we quickly noticed that we were missing some essential building blocks in day-to-day management. That's how, in a few days, we started using Slack for exchanges and kiwiHR for administrative staff management . Since then, we have been using these tools every day and could not do without them. 

Why did you choose kiwiHR to help you with your HR management? 

I searched a lot before I found kiwiHR. I was looking for an HR management tool but I often found myself confronted with big players who offered a myriad of features and a very busy interface. 

On the kiwiHR site, I had the impression that I was facing a company of the same size as mine; I was able to launch a free test in a few clicks and it didn't take more than that to convince myself that this tool was made for us. 

What features of kiwiHR do you use the most? 

At Ubicentrex, each employee can telework one day per week, as they see fit. We use kiwiHR primarily to track these telecommuting days and see at a glance who is present in the office on which day. It is in particular thanks to kiwiHR and its ease of use that we were able to easily deploy teleworking in the company.

We also use kiwiHR personnel records to gather all personnel information. Employment contracts, bank details, emergency contacts… everything is brought together in the same tool. Before, this information was lying around in multiple binders and was ultimately never accessible. 

What is the structure of Ubicentrex's HR department?

We work with two teams (developers and sales): each team has a manager who manages the members of his team (management of leave, authorization for teleworking, travel, etc). At the upper level, there is the manager and the manager who no longer need to record all the sheets in an Excel table; they just go for the monthly follow-up at the end of each month. 

If you had to recommend our software to another company, what would you say to them? 

kiwiHR is recommended for three reasons. 

  • Ergonomics

First of all, it's a very ergonomic tool with a cheerful interface that we enjoy using. There is hardly any training to be given on this tool for new employees; everything is quite intuitive. 

  • Customer service

Second, we choose kiwiHR for customer service. Each of my questions (and there have been many) were answered immediately, within minutes. 

  • Development

Third, I have been impressed with the evolution of kiwiHR. I've been a customer for less than a year and the number of features must have doubled during this period. We feel a real desire to advance the tool and this justifies the subscription model.

What other HR software do you use?

Internally, we don't use anything else for HR; kiwiHR meets all of our needs. For payroll, it is our accountant who takes care of it (with third-party software that I do not know).

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