How WEDO optimises their HR processes

    Aude Creveau

    Are you an SME, startup or entrepreneur and are wondering how you can simplify your HR processes? We have some inspiration for you: WEDO, a startup with eight employees, who shared with us what helped them during an interview.

    WEDO: a concrete and promising name… what are you doing?

    Our startup's mission is to improve business collaboration. The many features of our SaaS solution, such as preparing team meetings, writing the minutes in real-time, and monitoring the tasks assigned to colleagues, allow our customers to save important time and efficiency.

    How is workforce structured and who manages human resources?

    Currently, we have 8 employees.

    We hired our first three employees in 2018. Then, two more in 2019 and three more this year. In total, we have hired 8 employees but two left us along the way.

    The current workforce is made up of 2 developers, 4 salespeople (2 French-speaking and 2 German-speaking), 1 community manager and 1 customer success executive.

    HR management is provided by the two co-founders.

    As a startup, what is your biggest HR challenge?

    Recruitment is without a doubt the most difficult part of the HR process. It's an element that takes a long time to do it right and it is not always easy to attract talent when you are a startup that's still not known. Startups attract some candidates but sometimes it also concerns people who have questions about the company's profitability.

    What are your other short-term HR priorities?

    When hiring a new employee, it is important that they can be trained and become productive quickly. In a startup, things change quickly, so it is important to be able to transmit best practices from the start.

    Why did you choose kiwiHR to help you manage your human resources?

    We were looking for a simple and efficient tool to manage employee absences. kiwiHR captivated us because it is an intuitive web application.

    What function of the HR software serves you the most on a daily basis?

    Besides the management of absences, being able to centralise employee data in the directory is very practical. All administrative information as well as the equipment provided to the employee for their workplace are kept in kiwiHR. We often had to copy and paste this information into different software and other documents, so kiwiHR represents a unique and reliable source of information.

    3 words to qualify WEDO and kiwiHR


    Collaborative - Effective meetings - Intuitive


    Practical - Easy to use - Cost efficient

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