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An HR system for effective HR admin

Aude Creveau

Using an online HR software today has become the rule in bigger organisations. When HR managers talk about implementing an HR system, they don’t mean semi-organised data in folders or scattered in Excel spreadsheets.

A modern HR system is far from traditional employee folders. It has become another tool of communication, a decision-support assistant, and a time-saving tool. An HR system can differ greatly from another, but its ultimate goal is to organise, streamline and simplify human resource administration, enabling HR staff to do more, perform better and strengthen their company’s HR function.

Who benefits from using an HR system the most:

  • Teams with only 1 HR admin
  • Start-ups
  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized organisations
  • Managers juggling multiple responsibilities

Here’s a look at the specific ways in which an HR system can benefit the aforementioned candidates.

An HR system helps you with HR tasks

Regardless of your company, geographic location and job responsibilities, you could be juggling multiple HR tasks each day, from time and attendance software and applicant tracking to payroll management and leave administration.

It is impossible to manage multiple tasks effectively unless you’re well supported by digital tools. Even something as simple as maintaining digital employee records in the cloud can increase your productivity and quality by a few percentage points.

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t need a complex HR system. SMEs can greatly benefit from HR tools that allows performing HR tasks much more quickly and effectively. A complicated HR system that integrates a number of functionalities offers little help – not to mention counterproductive – especially if succession planning or performance feedback isn't required.

Choose an HR system that assists with daily but important tasks that must be performed to the highest standards as to adhere to company policies or federal regulations. It will save you time, reduce human error rate, and remove the frustration out of repetitive tasks.

Streamline and secure key HR processes

Get a clear overview of employee time-off requests, worked time and upcoming bank holidays. Make data-driven decisions administering leave and manage absences more effectively.

Allow your employees to easily plan their holidays with a personal calendar indicating upcoming, holidays time-off balances, and instant notifications. Enjoy a seamless absence management software where employees can request leave to their supervisor in a single click.

Enjoy a GDPR compliant HR system:

Under GDPR, employees have the right to access their personnel files and correct errors. Can you imagine how this would work out using paper files or spreadsheets?

An HR system that allows you to set up digital employee records within seconds and gives employees access to view and manage their personnel data makes GDPR compliance a lot easier. Moreover, an employee self-service portal can save HR and team managers hundreds of hours annually.

Employees appreciate a time-saving HR system

A time tracking app that shows how much time you spend on various work activities. This may help to raise alarms on productivity gaps, such as spending too much time on emails or identifying other manual tasks that need to be automated.

Time-wasters and inefficiencies are a concern for team members and their managers. An HR system that breaks silos, increases accessibility and creates transparency, is exactly what small and medium-sized businesses need.

In fact, employees who believe their employers are savvy in their adoption of productivity-enhancing tools are likely to feel a greater sense of satisfaction and pride. Think about it: would you rather stick around at a company that does very little to help you maximise your daily work output or one that supports you in an effective and a meaningful way? 

Ponder over these points:

  • Today’s workforce, especially Gen X and millennial workers, want self-service HR tools.
  • Small companies have been slow in adopting time-saving, self-service HR tools. By adopting an HR system, you're not only becoming an early-adopter but also stand out from your competitors.
  • Companies breaking the GDPR’s code of practice will be fined 2% of its annual turnover.

Two types of HR system:

In today’s highly competitive and technology-driven environment, some tasks are ready to be automated while digitising aspects of other tasks can boost productivity. A combination of digital tools, human intuition, and experience is necessary to overcome challenges, spot opportunities and advance your company’s mission.

An applicant tracking system that collates all data related to the hiring pipeline – resumes, emails, feedback, notes might not be necessary for smaller organisations. For SMEs who aren't constantly hiring, an HR system with over-detailed ATS will not be as helpful.
kiwiHR simplifies HR administration tasks and helps teams work more efficiently. By moving employee records to the cloud, teams will enjoy a digital employee database secured and organised in the cloud, and accessible 24/7 to all employees.

Employees can submit time-off requests from any device; managers can view the existing requests, time-off balances and who is absent in an intuitive dashboard. kiwiHR offers public holidays based on location and allows for customisable types of time-off – holiday, remote work, training, and other leave types included in your company policy. kiwiHR reduces the HR workload and allows you to focus on your business.

If you’re planning a digital transformation, begin with the HR department, the most paper-intensive area of business. Try kiwiHR for 14 days and see for yourself how adopting an HR software benefits your company.

Simplifying HR processes is easier said than done. Know how we get it done by starting your kiwiHR free trial

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Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

HR admin activities can be really time consuming, up to a staggering 700 hours annually. Having an automated system saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage. Start now and make a difference!

Smart and easy employee records management

All personnel data in one place

Transparent time off management with calendar

Manage time off on the fly

Modern time tracking with overtime calculator

Track hours in just seconds

Company documents and resources 24/7

Consolidate important information

Step by step employee onboarding

Make new hires' first day perfect

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