kiwiHR says: Bonjour la France!

Aude Creveau

Voulez-vous HR avec moi?

Almost immediately after the launch, we have more great news:

Both, the kiwiHR website and the software are now available in French for the convenience of our users and customers.

In order to meet the customers' needs, the kiwiHR team has enhanced its competences to offer support services also available in French.

Why make kiwiHR multilingual?

One of kiwiHR’s primary goals is to optimise human resource management in small and medium-sized companies. Meaning it is our mission to cut down the time human resource staff and managers have to spend on administrative tasks.

To make this possible, the in-house communication in businesses must be taken into account. Therefore, if kiwiHR is available in multiple languages and every employee can work in their preferred language, coworkers are able to easily communicate even if they work in multiple locations or in different countries.

Given that more and more companies – including those with smaller corporate structures – are doing business around the world, language additions are a continuous and important part of the kiwiHR development process.

By adding more languages, such as Spanish or Polish, we are committed to the continuous improvement of kiwiHR with the aim of giving even more companies and employees the opportunity to optimise their HR management and save valuable time and resources.

kiwiHR meets the global demands 

The kiwiHR concept is to be as easy-to-use and as intuitive as possible. Moreover, kiwiHR offers a wide array of options to individually customise and even redefine corporate details.

The fundamental solutions for human resource issues, such as digital personnel records, time trackingtime-off management or employee onboarding with the assistance of the document management system are useful to any company – regardless of where the business is located. Thus, kiwiHR is ready for international use.

kiwiHR also offers the option to add national holidays to the integrated company calendar at the touch of a button; enabling companies to efficiently plan employee vacations in multiple countries.

Being able to customise certain aspects, such as time-off categories, policies and many others, is one way to tailor kiwiHR to your specific business needs and make it your own company's tool.

Given that Germany, the UK or France have a lot in common in terms of their labor conditions, structures and requirements, the demand for simple and useful HR software in these markets is high. Every company will want to take advantage of being able to reduce their employees' workload while enabling them to tackle other tasks more efficiently.

kiwiHR’s vision for the future

In addition to implementing additional languages, we are certainly eager to further expand kiwiHR’s functional scope. One new function that will soon be available is time tracking and we are currently busy working on new additional features.

If you have any other questions, we will be very pleased to hear from you via e-mail at or via chat.

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