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Create perfect first days with these onboarding tips

Frank Mittag

Ever since the 1970s, companies have been trying to perfect the art of onboarding, where employees are given more than a set of instructions to begin. Employee onboarding has been an attempt to follow a set of standards that help to organise new employees while integrating them into your workforce. Those first few days of filling out paperwork and training can be alienating, unproductive and stressful.

With the help of the right HR software to steamline the onboarding process, you can get everyone up and running as quickly as possible.

Advantages of onboarding

Even if you're excited about your new hire, you need to give them an environment that's organised and sophisticated to get them to understand what's expected. Getting a well-pedigreed professional on board for a low cost is the goal of any company's HR department. However, if you're not well organised from day one, you're going to send the wrong message.

Your onboarding process must be organised and efficient. A new employee usually comes through the door excited to learn more and eager to start tackling your biggest projects. When you've made the onboarding process easier, you've used the momentum that a new hire comes with and allowed them to see what you have to offer.

Onboarding is more than just paperwork, but the importance of having every document in order can't be understated. Once your employees are onboarded, they get the chance to look at their productivity and progress inside of your HR system. If you offer them time and attendance software, they get the chance to see their own productivity and measure it day by day.

By starting off on the right foot, your employees are going to be folded into the system and ready to hit the ground running. They'll be devoted to giving you the best performance they can from day one.

Positive effects of onboarding

When you do onboarding right, you'll get the chance to offer every new team member the proper introduction. While they might want the chance to say hello to their new team, the team is going to know them by name already. Current employees will be prepared to work with this new team member, making them feel welcome and warmly invited.

Because you've already plugged the new hire into the system, your team gets the chance to see how they're going to fit in your current system. If they're placed directly above or below someone else, schedule a meeting with that other member to get everyone acquainted. Calendars can be preloaded with meetings with the help of their direct manager.

By introducing them to your other teams or people who they'll work with from time to time, you keep them from forming the bad habit of siloing. When department silos go up, communication is diminished. You can fight communication problems from day one with the right kind of onboarding.

In the first week that your employee is working, get them to sit down for a big picture meeting. This is a part of onboarding that's often skipped or glossed over during the process of training. However, the more they understand about why you do the things you do, the better prepared they'll be.

Employee onboarding doesn't have to be stressful

Employee onboarding is a vital part of hiring new people when you're focused on expanding your company but need to make sure that your growth isn't chaotic. Expanding a company is an exciting process as long as you have a system in place to keep all of that new data organised and accessible. Thankfully with the right kind of software solution, you get the chance to make the lives of your HR staff easier while empowering new hires.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of keeping employee files, check out our latest guide for details on what they can do for you.

Why use onboarding software

If you want onboarding to be done right, you need to get a software solution that's built to give you the most out of your process. By digitising a lot of the process, you get to lend access to more people all while working out of a centralised resource management system. You'll be able to work from anywhere and make any necessary changes on the fly.

With digital people system, you optimise the management of your documents. Every single employee gets the chance to have their own personal record and an interface to go with it. There are so many documents to manage for any employee, so it's vital to make the process easier.

On top of that, because you've gone digital, you've improved your company's carbon footprint. This will please many of your employees and give some of your customers a reason to keep supporting you. That's an added bonus on top of making it so much easier to find things when you need them.

Your onboarding app is also a great middleman between management and your new employees.

Give varied access to members for your team so they can view and manage employee data. Managers of the employee can get one kind of access while the people who work in HR access from another tier.

If it makes sense for you, you also get the chance to let employees access their own data. This helps ensure there are fewer mistakes and takes the work off the desks of your HR specialists.

Employees who manage their own onboarding also get the chance to track their annual leave when you set up the right HR software. kiwiHR offers a varied range of functions that can support you with an efficient HR management. Start your free trial today:

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