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5 reasons why team building at work is essential

Aude Creveau
Aude Creveau

A harmonious office is a successful one, and when your team gets along well, they are more productive. Businesses across the country have become more successful in the past year. A strong team could be one of the reasons why.

In all group environments, it's important for there to be a strong bond with one another. That way people can look out for one another and support each other, which also keeps employees satisfied. When there is no bond, there is no support and work will suffer. Thus, team building is important, so here are a few reasons why you should be doing it.

Why is team building important?

When you and your employees spend day in, day out in the office, it can get a little stale. But taking the day away to do some fun team building exercises can make a huge difference.

It may seem like taking a day away from the office is counterproductive, but it's not. Team building is an essential part of any business and without it, the business could suffer.

It doesn't need to be in a boring conference room either. There are plenty of activities that are a great day out and make for a fantastic bonding experience. Here are a few benefits of them.

1. Boost productivity

One of the main goals of team building exercises is to boost productivity in the office. When everyone learns how to work together in a productive way, you'll find that more work gets done.

Choose activities that need teamwork and creativity to complete. This way your employees learn new ways to get things done. This carries through to the office and they can use these skills to boost their productivity.

They can also find ways to identify what isn't making them productive and learn how to change it.


2. Improve communication

As with all aspects of life, good communication is key. Effective communication means that people work a lot better together.

One great way to foster this is through a lot of teamwork exercises. You can do this in a fun way such as an escape room. They need to figure out the best ways to work with one another and communicate their needs.

Even the tensest of office feuds between workers can be worked out, and these exercises are the best ways to do it. An office who can communicate well is a productive and happy one.

3. Strengthen relationships

In every office, there are people who don't speak to each other very often. This is understandable when they come from different departments who don't often interact.

But strong relationships across the office is never a bad thing. When you take them out of the office to do something non-work-related, they let their guards down. They get to know each other as friends and not as co-workers.

When strong relationships exist across the office, it makes it more productive. They can learn new ways to work together or impart useful advice to each other. It's a useful form of networking that can be beneficial for everyone.

On the flip side, if you're the boss and you attend these team building exercises, you get to let your guard down too. Your employees will see you as a friend instead of a boss and you can build stronger relationships. This can help you manage your staff in a much better and productive way.

4. Boosts morale

Another great reason to have team building exercises is to build morale in the office. When people are in happy spirits, they're inclined to work harder.

They are particularly useful after a stressful or challenging time in the office. Has it been a busy season and tensions are high? Getting everyone involved in a fun exercise could be the best way to unwind and have some fun.

Doing some fun group activities can reduce the stress of the hard work they've done. There's nothing worse for productivity and morale than feeling burnt out. So get them on their feet to forget about it and help them get their motivation back.

5. Reduce stress

It's a fact that when people are happy and in high spirits, they work harder. A fun activity or day away can help you and your staff let go of stress and have fun.

When they aren't thinking about reports to do or deadlines to meet, they'll be more motivated. Then once they return to the office, they will feel refreshed and more confident in their work.

Combine this with positive reinforcement and you've got a winner. When you recognise the hard work and effort they put in, it boosts productivity too. When people feel confident and not stressed about their job, they tend to do better at it.

Team building is a huge benefit to your business

Team building has a lot of fantastic benefits and it makes a huge difference to your business. When you take the team out of the office for a day of fun, the possibilities are endless. These can be as simple as going out for team drinks or a meal, or going mountain climbing or golfing.

Focus on building strong relationships and bettering communication. When you do this away from the pressures of work, it's great for the office. Get the team out there to try something new and see how much they can achieve!

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