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Time tracking and its impact in the workplace

Jazmin Lopez

Given that workers average just 2 hours and 48 minutes of productive device time a day there is a need for time tracking in your company. That's why calculating how many hours employees were at work with the old-time clock system worked for so many years. However, an analogue time clock doesn't really give you productivity insights the way a time tracking software does.

With time tracking software, you get the chance to consolidate all your digital systems into one and see how many tasks people are putting into their workload. Thanks to time tracking software, you can see how much time is being used and forget about inaccuracies in working hours.

How companies benefit from time tracking

When it comes to your resources, it's not how many you have that matters but how you make the most of them. When you're managing your employees improperly, you're limiting your company's potential and your employees' ability to make a true impact.

Managing employees attendance on-site isn't as necessary as it once was. Since most of the work that operations and human resources staff used to do has been automated with time tracking systems, you can now devote more of your energy to building the company.

The time your business operations staff used to spend on time tracking manually and payroll should be directed toward expansion rather than maintenance.

Your human resources are the most valuable elements of your business. They're also one of the most expensive resources. When you free up your staff workload, you save in a lot of ways.

The most costly expenses small businesses recur include recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new staff. When your staff working time is freed up for other projects, you can grow and expand your business in new and exciting ways.

While it might be difficult for your employees to implement a digital time tracking system it won't be long before they see the benefits. Plus, you'd be complying with EU working time directive rules.

What employees get out of time tracking

Your employees are going to love working with an online time tracking system and accessing their overtime balances from anywhere. Rather than having to hold on to scattered working hours and time off records across multiple spreadsheets they'll have everything in a single HR software.

Whether you choose a web-based or an app-based solution, your employees will have new ways to access their own personal information, as well as worked hours statements and be able to see when they can take their next holiday without missing a paycheck.

Since they won't need to track down a payroll person to double-check their working hours and compensation, you'll ease up some tensions at the workplace. If there are any discrepancies in paid hours your employees have the necessary data right on their phone or computer.

Employees typically feel disempowered when it comes to the HR processes like time tracking. Usually, the working hours calculation happens behind closed doors, hours get taken out, and the employee is supposed to feel grateful for whatever compensation they get. With time and attendance tracking systems and HR software, they get to see how the whole thing plays out.

You'll find your employees will make better use of their time. Knowing their working hours are being tracked, they'll always show up to work when you schedule them. Having this in mind, your staff will start questioning how productive they are at work and how to increase efficiency.

Make the switch to digital time tracking

One of the reasons to use a time tracking system is to ensure that every step of your company's administrative processes is digitalised.

With HR software, your employees know that their payments and timesheets are accurate. There's no need for a discrepancy.

They also have proof when it comes to performance reviews. They can tell you how hard they've worked for you with evidence at hand to prove it.

By streamlining all HR tasks with online HR software, you'll ensure that you can focus on more meaningful tasks as you grow. The future of your business relies on efficiency, and with time-saving HR system, you'll be set for success.

Accurate time tracking gives helps you support managers with automatically generated and exportable timesheet statements. When you have concrete numbers to compare to the amount of actual work done in a quarter to the financial reports shared in a single system, you'll start making better and data-driven decisions.

Why time tracking benefits everyone

Time tracking systems provide different industries with insights on productivity and help planning future projects better. Looking at the records made in the time tracking system helps you visualise how much staff you needed for certain tasks. Match it up with the seasons and you'll get a feel for how much staff you need for the next big holiday season. Are you ready to experience the benefits of time tracking? Start your free trial today!

Simplifying HR processes is easier said than done. Know how we get it done by starting your kiwiHR free trial!

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