Why digitisation is the opportunity your company has been waiting for

Hesitating to digitise your internal company processes will harm you own competitiveness. Make a difference with kiwiHR.

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Are you still working manually?

The past few years have been characterised by strategic and technological change. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized businesses in particular are still missing out on the benefits arising from this opportunity.

Process automation as a target by 2020

70% of HR decision makers believe the automation of HR processes is the biggest task to be accomplished by 2020.

Digitisation as a cost saver

Digitising administrative HR activities can reduce overall business spendings by more than 20%.

Keep up with the times and time won't pass you by

3 out of 4 SMEs are wasting their valuable working time by sticking to several outdated, stand-alone solutions or manual spreadsheets.

Digitisation with kiwiHR

The wonderful, free of clutter world of digitisation and process optimisation

Working digitally with smart HR software like kiwiHR supports your growing business and retains employees through work efficiency.

Lightning fast time off management

It only takes 7 seconds to apply for leave in kiwiHR. Supervisors are automatically notified and can instantly validate.

Manage leave in less than 20 seconds

How companies benefit from digital human resources

  • Relieved personnel managers
  • Better competitiveness
  • Legal protection and compliant
  • Efficiently used working time
  • Annual leave accruals
  • Effortless public holidays setup
  • Flexible annual leave policies
  • Single and secure system
  • Holiday and sick leave tracker

Still not convinced of the value of HR software?

Optimisation is for processes, innovation for people - kiwiHR combines both

With kiwiHR, companies can improve efficiency and productivity while increasing competitiveness and employee loyalty. All of this is achievable with just one software.

Save valuable work time

HR software can reduce the working hours used for HR tasks by almost ten hours a week.

Make good use of working time

Law compliant without prior knowledge

HR managers feel pressured by new regulations or laws. kiwiHR takes these into account and sets yourself free of worries.

Focus on your business. kiwiHR will handle the rest.

Automate administrative HR tasks and empower your employees to focus on their core responsibilities and work on what they do best.

Employee records

All personnel files in one place

Time tracking

Track hours in just seconds

Time off management

Manage time off on the fly

Company resources

Consolidate important information


Make new hires' first day perfect

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