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Jazmin Lopez

kiwiHR - News in February:

kiwiHR increases transparency and internal information sharing across your organisation with the introduction of new Document Management and Company Overview features.

In our continued mission to deliver the benefits of digitalisation to small and medium sized businesses, we extended our tool with new functionalities that will help you be more productive at work. On that account, there were some additions and product enhancements for kiwiHR on February '19. Find out in this article which functions will enable your company to work efficiently.

With 50% of organisations claiming that managing unstructured information is a huge challenge in automating HR processes, we could not ignore this recurring obstacle in organisations. Not to mention there are 30-50 unique HR documents per employee. Taking into consideration our own experience and customer’s needs, our star of the month on kiwiHR was born: Document Management System.

Digital Document Management with kiwiHR:

Now kiwiHR users are able to upload and share important corporate documents in a centralised and secure system while increasing productivity and teamwork as one of the many benefits DMS offers.

Our DMS goes as far as to allow employees to submit documents along with their time-off request to justify their absence, with the goal to further enhance communication among the organisation. On sick leave? Upload a doctor’s note from your phone. On vacation? Share where to and when. Training? Confirm course registration. The DMS across kiwiHR supports all the common file types for everyone’s convenience.

Most companies desire cost and waste reductions, increased efficiency, collaboration, and data security. Implementing a Document Management System into the tool was the next step to help organisations streamline their processes.

 Your Company Overview:

The digital Document Management System was added as an extension to the newly-launched Company Overview. Your employees will find all the relevant information as well as important documents and guidelines in one central place. Sharing and assigning the resources and tools available to your team is also possible within here. Company Overview will enable new employees to find their way around faster and answer some of the unavoidable onboarding questions for you. 

Features enhancements in February

In addition to brand new features, some existing features have been optimised. Employee's profile data has been extended with compensation data including salary, currency and frequency. Moreover, time-off requests across the organisation can now be filtered by month and year for your convenience. Finally, a permission roles overview is now available on company profile to further enhance access control among your employees.

According to current GDPR guidelines, it is not compliant to make sensitive data or documents accessible to all employees. From now on there is an overview describing who has access to which data and documents according to the roles assigned in kiwiHR to help you share the right information with the right people.

Trust in kiwiHR

Our extensions and new features are always developed in close cooperation with our customers. Do you have any wishes or suggestions for us? Feel free to contact us at hello@kiwihr.com and we will contact you.

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