Powerful company calendar

kiwiHR's calendar does a great job at presenting your company's time-off overview. An intuitive interface makes vacation planning easy for your employees and simplifies the validation process for HR managers.

Vacation planner

  • Easy absence planning

    Never lose track of your employees absences. The kiwiHR's calendar always shows accurate and updated time-off balances for each employee.

  • Individual employee calendar

    Take the wondering out of the formula by giving each employee access to their own calendar, where they can track their remaining time-off balance.

Smart company calendar

  • Calendar synchronization

    Unleash the calendar's maximum potential by synchronizing it with Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

  • Public holidays

    kiwiHR displays all public holidays available per region in the company calendar. Simply select your region in order to ensure everyone in your team is informed about upcoming holidays.

One tool, limitless value.

Benefit from the numerous smart features offered by kiwiHR, that enable you to streamline HR processes. Start digitalizing your HR tasks, save valuable time and resources and keep your employees happy and motivated.

Google calendar integration
High usability
iCal calendar export
Responsive design
Individual calendar
Vacation planner
Corporate calendar
National holidays

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  • Save time

    Reduce workload, save hundreds of hours every year by using smart HR software to manage your business.

  • Reduce costs

    Eliminate paperwork, and save thousands by simplifying the internal process and empowering your employees.

  • Engage employees

    Whether on mobile or desktop. Your employees will love using our simple and intuitive user interface.

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Boost your team’s productivity with our simply efficient HR software

kiwiHR will help your workforce management optimize administrative HR tasks and actually turns these chores into fun because of its user-friendly interface and the visually attractive design. The smart kiwiHR calendar function, which is displayed on all end devices, facilitates the communication of international teams and also has the potential of improving the planning efficiency of your team managers. Give your company the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of kiwiHR – all consolidated into a single centralized system.

With the kiwiHR calendar function, you, your team and your entire company will be able to simply manage absences in a structured manner. Depending on the respective functions assigned to employees and the thus defined GDPR-compliant access privileges, time off can be requested in the calendar, where they can also be displayed or answered with simply one click. The kiwiHR app also enables you to synchronize your in-app marked absences and requests with commonly used calendar apps by simply exporting them. The kiwiHR calendar is compatible with the equivalent products from Apple (iCal), Google (Google Calendar) and Microsoft Outlook and automatically synchronizes your data every 24 hours. Administrate your time off management in the most time saving and organized way ever possible – in a single centralized system. Support the cooperation between your teams with the kiwiHR calendar and always keep an eye on national holidays.

The tool supports the following countries:

  • All EU member states
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Great Britain
  • Switzerland
  • Iceland
  • Russia

If you use kiwiHR in one of these countries, the holidays are automatically taken into account in your time off planning, which can save your human resource department employees lots of time spent on the retroactive changing of time off requests received. It can also prevent the accidental deduction of days from employees’ time off allotment that the employee was not required to take.

If the holidays of a country where your company has a facility are not listed above, simply send an e-mail to hello@kiwihr.com to let us know. We are expanding kiwiHR continually and will be pleased to add the country and its national holidays to our developmental activities.

Optimize your HR administration

Since kiwiHR is cloud-based HR system, you will be able to have instant access to kiwiHR without any installation or complicated set-up.

The HR software is ready for immediate use and does not require complex configuration. Consequently, you will not be expected to pay set-up fees for the use of kiwiHR.

The intuitive operation of the user interface makes this a refreshingly easy tool to work with, which is why your employees will learn how to use kiwiHR in no time. Digitalization offers even small and medium-sized companies immense process optimization opportunities.

Seize the possibilities of kiwiHR with perfect results in your workforce management applications and optimize your work steps and simplify inter-team communications with features such as our calendar function. Try kiwiHR for free for 30-days and start streamlining your HR management.

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