Digital document management

Never search folders again. Store important documents in a clear and structured way with secure web-based document management.

All in one place

  • Always handy

    All important documents and records, centralised in a safe place. All common file formats can be conveniently stored.

  • Digital personnel records

    A perfect example of modern document management: the digital personnel file. Always up-to-date, available 24/7 and easy to find.

Enhanced collaboration

  • Perfect introduction to the company

    Simplify onboarding for new employees into the company. Provide all necessary documents and information in a clear and secure manner.

  • Current Information

    Enable your employees to upload documents along with their leave requests. For instance, attach a doctor's note on their sick leave request to excuse time off.

One tool, limitless value.

Benefit from the numerous smart features offered by kiwiHR, that enable you to streamline HR processes. Start digitising your HR tasks, save valuable time and resources and keep your employees happy and motivated.

SSL encryption
Secure document management
GDPR compliant
Central filing
All file formats
Better teamwork
Clear company structure
Employee Self-Service
Server location: Germany

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    Reduce workload, save hundreds of hours every year by using smart HR software to manage your business.

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    Eliminate paperwork, and save thousands by simplifying the internal process and empowering your employees.

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    Whether on mobile or desktop. Your employees will love using our simple and intuitive user interface.

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kiwiHR - Smart HR Software for your company

Enjoy all the advantages of a modern HR software with kiwiHR. Facilitate your employees' daily work and increase their efficiency. Not only will you optimise your human resources, you also give all parts of your organisation the opportunity to work efficiently. Improve internal communication with kiwiHR and improve HR related processes. kiwiHR was designed in compliance with GDPR and the data is hosted in Germany.

Modern Document Management

kiwiHR gives you the opportunity to benefit from a contemporary document management. Many small businesses still have folder systems that can easily become confusing as the number of employees grows. In addition, personnel data in such structures are always the responsibility of the HR department or a responsible employee. This employee should ensure that all information is always up to date and often times is also the point of contact when looking for a document. This search can sometimes be very exhausting and time-consuming for the person in charge. With kiwiHR things will be different. In your company profile you can upload various documents so that they can be found easily and quickly by all colleagues. With Employee Self-Service, the responsibility of updating data is shared between the personnel manager and the rest of the employees which relieves unnecessary workload for the HR department. The digital personnel file is a perfect example of this. After your employees have been added to kiwiHR, relevant information can be completed by the employee himself. Of course, personnel files will not be accessible to all employees. Only human resource managers and team leaders can access them. The access control is done automatically when creating an employee and no additional assignment is required. Traditional document management requires a manual security setting that can become time-consuming and confusing over time. With kiwiHR and its digital document management, you take another step towards process optimisation and say goodbye to obsolete folder systems.

The kiwiHR functional range

kiwiHR is optimally suited for small and medium-sized enterprises and gives you the necessary freedom to perfectly design your own corporate structure. Employees can be added in just a few clicks. The added employees are then assigned positions, teams and locations. This enables a better access control which has direct influence on granted permissions. At this point, an employee's digital personal file can be completed by himself, ensuring information is updated at all times while relieving human resource managers. An integrated holiday planner offers the possibility to make holiday requests by pressing a button. The assigned team leader is informed by push notification and can validate or decline it just as quickly. Thanks to the beautifully designed corporate calendar, employees can check whether colleagues are already away from home or whether the desired leave period overlaps with that of a colleague before applying for leave. The team leader can thus check whether a potential staff shortage may arise if the request is approved. Gone are the days of large wall calendars, printing out a holiday request, going to the staff office and possibly a lengthy approval process. kiwiHR simplifies your internal holiday planning, saves you additional time and reduces your paper consumption. When you create your company, you can define different leave types. For example, employees can apply for home office or inform colleagues about a training day. kiwiHR also helps you with reliable time tracking and automatically enables your employees to record overtime online. Once the start time of work, the break time and the end of work time have been recorded, kiwiHR compares the hours worked with the contractually agreed actual hours and, if necessary, updates your overtime account. In your company profile, you can share your most important documents and also define a corporate mission. This helps your employees work together on set goals and helps with employee motivation.

Your benefits with kiwiHR

As a web app kiwiHR is available to you from any device. kiwiHR is configured in a few minutes and is ready for use. This will save you a long and possibly expensive setup. The user-friendly interface allows you and your colleagues to intuitively use the software. kiwiHR is immediately ready to use and saves you and your staff valuable time in the implementation. Benefit from kiwiHR in German, English or French and optimise your personnel management.

You can try kiwiHR for 14 days completely free and without any obligation. Start today and benefit from the ever-growing features of kiwiHR.




About kiwiHR

We have made it our mission to offer affordable HR solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises while providing for the highest security and ease-of-use standards.