Your path to efficient employee management

Go paperless with digital employee records and benefit from kiwiHR’s time-saving employee management tool.

Digital employee records

  • Smart document management

    Set up digital employee records for your employees in a matter of seconds. Managing documents is now easy with kiwiHR.

  • Less paper, more time

    kiwiHR reduces your company’s carbon-footprint and streamlines your HR processes while freeing up valuable working time for your HR staff.

Online employee management

  • Easy access control

    Simply assign roles to your employees and give access to view or manage employees data.

  • Personnel directory

    Create positions, teams, and locations to organise your employee records. Public information about your employees is displayed in an employee directory.

Employee self-service

  • Employee access

    Give your employees their own access to kiwiHR. Allow your team to update their own data and take the workload off your HR department.

  • User-friendly

    Your team can use kiwiHR intuitively on any device. Give your employees the opportunity to save time and focus on the HR tasks that really matter.

One tool, limitless value.

Benefit from the numerous smart features offered by kiwiHR, that enable you to streamline HR processes. Automate your HR tasks, save valuable time and resources while keeping your employees happy and motivated.

Employee profiles
Employee data management
Social media integration
Secured employee confidential data
Position management
Effortless employee attribution
Employee directory
Multiple company locations support
Team management
Secure employee documents storage
Easy access to employee records
Effortless employee account creation

Ready to test kiwiHR?

  • Save time

    Reduce workload, save hundreds of hours every year by using smart HR software to manage your business.

  • Reduce costs

    Eliminate paperwork, and save thousands by simplifying the internal process and empowering your employees.

  • Engage employees

    Whether on mobile or desktop. Your employees will love using our simple and intuitive user interface.

  • 14-day free trial
  • All features included
  • No credit card required

Optimise your employee management with kiwiHR

kiwiHR combines numerous benefits in one centralised system. Enjoy the advantages of a modern HR software solution and streamline your human resource management. Consider kiwiHR an additional human resource department staff member who handles some administrative tasks and simplifies the communications between your human resource management and your workforce.

Define your corporate structure on kiwiHR in seconds by adding employees and allocating positions, teams and locations to them. The position assigned to an employee has an immense impact on this employee’s access privileges within kiwiHR. Team managers have the right to see and edit information related to the team members who report to them, while team members can only see their own data and automatically generated, public data of coworkers. This is in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and renders the cooperation with your company secure.

Every employee you add to kiwiHR will be assigned a unique login for the employee self-service feature, which enables every user to complete his or her own information. You can entrust kiwiHR's safe HRMS with everything from emergency contact information to health insurance company.

Increase your efficiency with kiwiHR's employee management

Your employees can use kiwiHR at any time from any device, which makes it possible to use the software 24/7. For instance, if an employee has to report sick, all it takes is a few seconds to send a message from his or her smartphone or tablet. Time off requests can also be submitted at any time and the team manager can respond accordingly. This expedites the decision-making process and greatly simplifies the communication within your teams.

On the other hand, when they are not off, they are able to track their working hours and see their overtime hours in kiwiHR’s time tracking section. The overtime hours are calculated by kiwiHR, comparing the entered working hours with the expected hours indicated in the employee’s schedule. Thus, total working hours and overtime are calculated automatically and error-free.

Additionally, the company overview will boost team productivity and enhance communication within your company. By showcasing your business assets and sharing relevant facts and figures about your company, your employees will be able to better know your company and will serve you as a part of onboarding for your new hirees.

Gone are the days where you needed endless amounts of storage for your company documents, with the document management feature available on kiwiHR. Your team communications will be improved even further by allowing your employees to store and share important corporate documents.

Take advantage of our 14-day free trial of kiwiHR without any restrictions. Sign up today and optimise your human resource management with kiwiHR.




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