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Onboarding process

The clear, easy way for successful employee onboarding

Providing new hires with quality onboarding motivates them and sets the path for a productive start. Ensure there's nothing missing on your part to smoothly integrate them into the company.

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650 teams already provide employee onboarding

Lack of employee onboarding can result in high turnover

Every fifth employee leaves the company in the first year, mostly during the first 45 days. Make a good first impression with perfect employee onboarding.

Do not let new employees wait

Employees often wait up to days before they can start working. Lack of resources like laptops are often just the tip of the iceberg.

Employee onboarding starts before the first day

Usually, there is enough time to prepare a nice welcome day for new hires. Use the time to proactively prepare before the new colleague's arrival.

Employee turnover costs money

Employees are only as productive as their predecessors after almost a year. Do not risk wasting money on training and hiring due to poor onboarding practices.

How to make your onboarding process easier

4 out of 5 employees consider a well-structured onboarding process is helpful for a successful start in the company.

Onboarding templates

Welcome new employees proactively with ready to use checklists and give them a perfect start.

Contribute to the team

Involve existing employees in the process by assigning responsible team members to prepare new colleagues' onboarding.

Keep an eye on progress

Track progress in onboarding processes visually. See which preparations are done and which ones are still pending.

The perfect start

Ensure your new hires are productive from day one. First to-dos for new employees help their training and team integration.

How successful employee onboarding inspires and retains new employees

Companies with structured employee onboarding retain up to 90% of their new employees in the long term.

Positive employer branding

Satisfied employees are the heart of every company. Convince your employees they are in the right company from day one.

Meet the team

Help new hires get familiar with the team. Provide them key contacts directory along with their responsibilities so they can introduce themselves or ask questions to the right person.

Fast integration into the company

The sooner employees are informed about processes, structures and task areas, the faster they can work productively.

Set new hires up for success

Increase employee retention with structured onboarding

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Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

HR admin activities can be really time consuming, up to a staggering 700 hours annually. Having an automated system saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage. Start now and make a difference!

  • Satisfied new employees
  • Professional training
  • Fast integration
  • Less time spent
  • HR data in one system
  • Timely processing
  • Higher employee retention
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Ready to use templates

More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

Transparent time tracking

Track hours and overtime in just seconds

Effortless time off management

Manage time off on the fly

Insightful company resources

Consolidate important information

Onboarding checklists

Employee onboarding checklist template

A stellar onboarding sets up new hires for success by increasing their productivity from day one. Increase employee retention with onboarding checklists proven to enable the best possible start.

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HR processes in small and medium-sized enterprises

In almost 70% of small and medium-sized companies, HR activities are done on the side by managers. Meaning all HR processes are done in addition to the actual tasks. Not surprisingly, HR responsibles in these companies want to tackle this as quickly as possible. kiwiHR was created precisely for this purpose. kiwiHR optimises HR processes and at the same time gives HR managers a reliable way to complete these activities.

How checklists simplify employee onboarding

Onboarding with checklists, like in kiwiHR, offers numerous advantages for companies. Checklists are the easiest way to handle recurring processes and reduce the time involved. Onboarding always follows the same steps to ensure that new employees have a working workplace and in most cases, responsibilities are clearly defined. For instance, IT staff members are usually responsible for providing new employees with hardware and software. Similarly, new employees training should ideally be carried out by a teammate. With checklists, employees can be assigned tasks with a due date and clearly set responsibilities. There are a number of templates that are already available in kiwiHR, such as:

These checklists can be edited or modified to better suit your company’s processes before they are assigned to employees. Delegating tasks among several employees reduces the potential amount of time an HR officer would have to spend preparing everything by himself. Additionally, checklists can also be created and assigned for individual purposes.

How to effectively prevent employee turnover

As of now, every fourth employee leaves the company during the first year of employment, with 20% of them during the first 45 days. Therefore, one can assume that employees quickly get a very meaningful picture of the new employer and draw their own conclusions even if it’s negative. However, employees can be retained with structured onboarding. Employee retention increases by 25% when employees are successfully integrated into the company. For example, statistics show that the chances of retaining employees for three years are 69% higher with successful onboarding. These numbers are sometimes alarmingly high and hard to ignore, considering the high costs of replacing an employee.

How to reduce costs with employee onboarding

Skilled labour shortage, a good economy and generally low unemployment lead to high demand for suitable employees in the labour market. Employee turnover is high, especially in metropolitan areas and regions with a big service sector. With a structured onboarding, new employees will feel appreciated and therefore employee loyalty will quickly grow. After all, 15% of employees indicate that lack of onboarding supported their decision to leave the company. A termination inevitably leads to high costs for companies. Job advertisements, applications, lengthy interview process, as well as preparation, require a substantial amount of time and costs. According to statistics, new employees need 8-12 months to reach the level of their former colleague. Therefore, less productivity is to be expected as new employees get trained and introduced into the business processes. For all the reasons mentioned, retaining employees with a successful onboarding program is worthwhile.

How to increase employee productivity by over 10%

Everyone has probably gone through this - coming full of energy on the first day of work, only to find out that there is no computer, no hardware, no software installed, or one's own team or the assigned contact person is not in the office today. Situations of this kind are very demotivating for new employees and embarrassing for companies. Additionally, more than 40% of new employees will get a fully-equipped workplace over a week after their first day. Onboarding guarantees a perfect first day of work while meeting deadlines and making new employees happy. Familiarising new employees with the tools the company uses and clearly defining responsibilities increase employee performance by as much as 11% from the start of employment.

The importance of having a structured offboarding process

Organisations shouldn't underestimate the potential impact of an inexistent offboarding process. Employees who do not feel valued when they leave a company could still cause lasting damage to the company. It hardly matters whether the employee is terminated or whether they leave the company voluntarily. Due to the immense influence of portals such as kununu on potential new applicants, employees should not be given any reason to leave negative comments about the company due to a lack of an effective offboarding process.

Having a well-structured offboarding process will not only enable departing employees to leave the company with respect, but it will also prevent your employer branding from being negatively affected. Here you can download the kiwiHR offboarding checklist free of charge.

Reduce your time for HR processes by 40%

kiwiHR greatly simplifies administrative HR processes such as leave management, time tracking, as well as administering employee data and other documents. You can also download HR reports that present this data clearly at any time. In general, the use of smart HR software can reduce the administrative burden of administrative HR tasks by almost 10 hours a week. While immense advantages arise from managing data in a single centralised system, data is also recorded and managed securely in a GDPR compliant system. If you’ve been previously working with various tools or self made spreadsheets, you will be thankful to be able to work with HR software and not having to update documents manually anymore.

Your benefits with kiwiHR

Employees can use the kiwiHR web app from any device. kiwiHR is ready for use and setup is completed in a few minutes. Forget about hidden and costly setup fees. Benefit from kiwiHR in German, English or French and optimise your workforce management. You can try kiwiHR for 14 days completely free and without any obligation. Start today and benefit from the ever-growing range of functions within kiwiHR. You can test kiwiHR for 14 days without any obligations and completely free of charge. Or if preferred, you can also arrange an online demo with one of our product experts. Start today and benefit from the ever-increasing functionalities of kiwiHR.