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Finding the right people is now possible with effective recruiting

Get the right people at your doorstep with the right tools. Post jobs, follow the recruiting process and find the ideal candidate all in one tool.

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Make sure you don't miss out on your dream employee

Scanning hundreds of applications and going through lengthy interviews processes is exhausting. Luckily, a structured application tracking system will keep you organised in the hiring process.

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Increase employee retention with quality recruiting

Companies lose 25% of new employees during their first year of employment. Prevent high turnover with a complete ATS, find the right candidates and keep employee retention high.

First impressions matter, make a good one

With a professional recruiting process, potential candidates will want to join your company. The only thing you need is an open position, kiwiHR handles the rest.

Redefine your recruiting workflow and find top quality candidates

The less time you spend organising recruitment, the more time you will have to find the perfect fit for the job. With the right tools, you will be able to find your dream employee in no time.

Complete ATS solution at your reach

Post, manage and track job openings. Build a candidate pool, store applications and documents in one tool.

Create your own hiring process

Adapt your hiring process to your own needs. kiwiHR welcomes all hiring workflows.

Track your hiring process visually

Don’t get lost in the process. Easily see at which stage each candidate stands and how close you are to hiring.

Build your own job site, without coding

Save time building a career site. Publish job offers and collect applications in a GDPR compliant website provided by kiwiHR.

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Streamline your HR tasks today with kiwiHR

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More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

Clever time off management

Manage time off on the fly

Employee onboarding with a plan

Make new hires' first day perfect

Insightful company resources

Consolidate important information

Holiday planner for employees

The ready-to-use excel staff holiday planner for 2020

The staff holiday planner 2019 excel gives your employees a clear and time-saving leave planner. Avoid employee shortages and use the kiwiHR holiday planner 2019.

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