Time tracking

Accurate and efficient time tracking at the push of a button

Track working hours in seconds and calculate overtime automatically. Increase payroll accuracy with flawless time tracking.

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3.5M working hours tracked with kiwiHR

Forget about spreadsheets and get your time back

Manual time tracking methods are error-prone and time consuming for employees while self-made spreadsheets are a pain to update for managers. With this in mind, we built a solution to end this nightmare.

Spreadsheets are confusing

Working with spreadsheets is overwhelming. Filling up endless empty cells makes a simple task such as recording working hours, painful.

Even the best spreadsheets make mistakes

Up to 88% of internal spreadsheets contain mistakes. It's only a matter of time until an incorrect formula triggers the chaos and passes on errors al the way to payroll data.

Stop wasting time on time tracking

Recording working hours takes only 15 seconds with kiwiHR. How long does it take you to edit your whole timesheet template?

The time-saving, smooth way to flawless time tracking

Time tracking can be easy. Help employees to make better use of their working time on more meaningful activities than recording work hours and calculating overtime on their own.

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Flexible and adaptable time tracking

Adapt kiwiHR to your own needs with flexible work schedules. Secure accurate time tracking with customisable work schedules.

Track working time in real time

With the mobile time clock, employees can record their working hours and breaks on the go at the push of a button.

Automatic overtime calculator

You set the rules, employees record time, and we do the math. Overtime is calculated automatically, leaving errors out of the formula.

Get ready for payroll with timesheets export

Increase payroll accuracy with downloadable timesheets and share them with your accountant with just one click.

Take a deeper look into how working hours are spent and boost productivity

Transparent time tracking improves payroll accuracy by up to 85% and increases employee productivity by up to 45%.


Goodbye paper, hello simplicity!

Forget about storing timesheets in dusty folders. kiwiHR centralises this data in a single secure system.

Make it better for everyone

Let your employees track time on their own in a painless way. Meanwhile, you get peace of mind about your accountant getting accurate numbers for payroll.

Save valuable working time

Process automation of administrative HR activities such as time tracking results in up to 10 hours of weekly time savings.

Get the right numbers for payroll

Track and save working hours with kiwiHR today!

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Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

HR admin activities can be really time consuming, up to a staggering 700 hours annually. Having an automated system saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage. Start now and make a difference!

  • Automatic overtime calculation
  • Employee self-service attendance
  • Automatic working time entries
  • Track time in less than 10 seconds
  • Transparent time tracking
  • Customisable work schedules
  • Timesheets export for flawless payroll
  • Time clock
  • Simple work schedules setup

More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

Digital employee records

All personnel data in one place

Effortless time off management

Manage time off on the fly

Insightful company resources

Consolidate important information

Track time and overtime with kiwiHR's excel timesheet

Keeping track of time also means keeping track of your employees' productivity. Time tracking will also help you prepare pre-payroll data more accurately. To help you out, we designed a ready-to-use excel timesheet template

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Digital time tracking with simple HR software

With kiwiHR, your employees' working hours are easily recorded online. Create work schedule policies that include general conditions such as working days and weekly hours. Assign your employees to the appropriate working schedule models and keep track of their working hours. Overtime is automatically calculated and clearly displayed. No more recording your working hours in confusing Excel timesheets. Of course, kiwiHR is also known for its intuitive interface and high level of user-friendliness when it comes to time tracking - just like the rest of its features.

Customise and create different work schedules

An employment contract describes the contractually agreed weekly working hours of an employee, as well as a defined schedule. Distinguish between different working and leave policies and create as many as you like. From the working student, who works 10 hours on Mondays to part-time workers who complete 30 hours per week from Monday to Thursday, and full-time workers with 40 hours per week - all possible with kiwiHR. With the Employee Self-Service time tracking, your employees are required to indicate the start of work, the lunch break and the end of the working day. kiwiHR recognises the actual hours that an employee has completed in a single day, compares these with the actual set amount of scheduled hours and automatically calculates possible overtime hours.

Welcome new hires and set them up for success

The first month of employment comes with a lot of changes for new hires and the hiring company. kiwiHR will help you reduce uncertainties during training and increase employee retention with onboarding checklists. In order for employee onboarding to be successful, it must be well planned and structured, which is why there are a number of ready to use checklists templates. Existing and new templates can be created, modified and saved for future reference; allowing the checklist creator to set the content of the task, when it’s due, who is responsible for performing the task and who is supervising it. kiwiHR’s checklists are not limited to purely onboarding, but they can also be used by existing employees to help define internal processes or daily responsibilities.

Smart time tracking with the company calendar

kiwiHR leaves no room for errors after work schedules are assigned and offers a worry-free solution to your employees. The public holidays stored in the kiwiHR company calendar are automatically taken into account in the time tracking system as well as absences, which were previously requested and approved via kiwiHR. Therefore, they are all stored in the calendar and considered by kiwiHR. If, for example, an employee is ill or on vacation, this is automatically calculated and no manual input by the employee or an HR manager is required.

Crystal-clear company overview with kiwiHR

In addition to company calendar, a company overview will also be at your disposal to include important information such as mission statement, documents, facts and figures. Never lose track of your business assets by adding the inventory available to your employees and showcase the tools or special software used across your organisation as a part of your company overview, which is useful for both to onboard and offboard employees. Improve your company's reputation by managing documents completely paperless. Take advantage of the many benefits digital document management has to offer such as increased team communication, accessibility and control access.

Why you should switch to kiwiHR’s smart time tracking

As a smart software, kiwiHR can greatly simplify your company's human resources. With a few daily clicks, employees record their working hours. Get rid of the outdated Excel spreadsheets, the risk of errors and the unpleasing data layout. A software is designed for the optimisation of daily or repetitive processes. HR software is no exception. This will also be quickly appreciated by employees who have already used their own time tracking timesheets for several years. The advantages are obvious. kiwiHR also knows how to convince with other smart functions such as absence management and employee records. The digital employee file offers simplicity, timeliness and security, supporting employees and above all HR managers. Again, Employee Self-Service is used to ensure employee data is up-to-date while ensuring that the HR manager of your company has a reduced workload.