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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

What is employee self-service?

Employee self-service (ESS) provides employees access to their own personal data, such their personnel file . Employee self-service functionalities enables employees to change and update their personal information such as contact details, banking information, emergency contacts, and take administrative HR matters into their own hands, by using an HRIS .

ESS also allows employees to record working hours, request leave, complete onboarding, and access company documents on their own. An employee self-service portal also makes useful data such as remaining leave balances, timesheet records, benefits, employment contract and other important documents.

By giving employees access to their own HR portal and digitizing employee files , companies save time and managers can focus on more strategic tasks. This is why HR software with employee self-service functionalities is becoming increasingly popular. If you would like to know more about how employee self-service can help your company, be sure to read this blog article on employee self-service benefits .

The benefits of an employee self-service system

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