Excel timesheet with overtime calculator

Track time and overtime with kiwiHR's excel timesheet

Keeping track of time also means keeping track of your employees' productivity. Time tracking will also help you prepare pre-payroll data more accurately. To help you out, we designed a ready-to-use excel timesheet template

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The importance of having a time tracking system

In a survey about HR Tech with HR Managers across 14 sectors and 13 cities, companies claimed time tracking systems increase payroll accuracy by up to 85%.

Time tracking records give you insights on productivity across your company. Moreover, they will help you detect if your employees are at risk of burnout when overtime is high. Unfortunately, many companies miss out on the benefits time tracking provides.

In this timesheet, we'll help you get started with time tracking with a downloadable excel timesheet template. Download it, share it or print it and be a step ahead with accurate worked hours.

What's inside for you:

  • Total hours worked per week
  • Overtime calculation per week
  • Spreadsheets per employee 

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