How to set up kiwiHR:

Follow these 7 simple steps and start saving time in your human resources management.

Step 1

Create your employees’ accounts

Start digitising employee records by adding your employees to kiwiHR. Complete their profile information and let your employees fill in their personal details.

Add employees to kiwiHR
Inviting employees to HR software graphic

Step 2

Structure your company

Define and assign positions for each employee, a team leader, and a work location in order to get a global view of your workforce.

Set up positions and teams
Add contact information on HR software graphic

Step 3

Create leave types and define entitlements

By setting up time off policies, leave balances for each employee are automatically calculated. In addition, after a leave request is approved, the absence will be shown on the calendar.

Automate your leave management
Manage employee time off requests graphic

Step 4

Define employees’ working hours

kiwiHR automates worked hours' calculations per employee, by taking the assigned work schedules into consideration. Bye bye Excel and timesheet errors!

Create work schedules
Time tracking using HR software graphic

Step 5

Share your corporate documents

Build a digital HR library for employees. Thanks to the integrated document system, you can upload employee handbooks, disciplinary guidance, or company policies, and consolidate all of the most important information into a centralised and secure system.

Gather and share all important data

Step 6

Invite your employees onboard

Once the previous steps are completed, invite your employees to log in to kiwiHR. This will allow them to enter their working hours, request leave, complete their personal information on their own and save you time on a daily basis.

Send login information to employee
Secure HR software graphic

Step 7

Enjoy insightful HR reports

Thanks to automatically generated reports and an automated HR admin, you will finally be able to optimise your human resources strategy by making data-driven decisions.

Get information that matters
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Try kiwiHR free for 14 days

Test kiwiHR and see how cloud based HR software will save you time and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business.

Save precious working time

Relieved managers

Reduce paper consumption

Improve internal collaboration

Delegate tasks

GDPR compliant

No obligations. No credit card required. Trial ends automatically.

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