Get a €100 credit on your kiwiHR subscription

Recommend your HR software and get €100 in credit for each company you refer*.

How to get started

1. Spread the word

Talk about kiwiHR to other companies, share your experience and advise them to sign up for a free trial.

2. Reach out to us

Write us the name and contact information of the company to which you recommend kiwiHR.

3. Get €100

The company subscribes to kiwiHR: we give you €100 credit on your kiwiHR subscription.*

4. Repeat!

The more companies you refer, the more credits you earn**.

Terms and conditions

* Amount credited to the referring company's kiwiHR account once the new customer reaches €100 of paid cumulative subscription.

** Offer valid for up to €500 of credit per year per referring company.

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