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Centralise information in a company wiki

Create your own digital company database. Gather and share company information, resources, tools and documents with your employees in a single place.

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650 teams take advantage of a centralised company wiki

Your time is better invested running your business, not organising it

Running a business keeps you busy enough to have any time left to properly manage and store documents. Not to mention the responsibility arising from safeguarding business assets.

The information era comes with its disadvantages

While one of the main benefits of this era is information availability, there is still a lot of paper based information. Whether it’s employee handbooks, company resources or tools, there is too much to keep up with.

Organisation is only the first challenge

Accumulating unnecessary piles of paperwork in your desk is not an option. Storage facilities or file cabinets won't help to serve or safeguard important information 24/7.

It's easy to get lost in the world of information

Employees waste 20% of their work time looking for information. Help them find what they need in just seconds using the company wiki. They will thank you for it and you will benefit from enhanced management capabilities.

Employees waste time looking for information

Your one-stop source of information

Never search in folders again. Keep all important company documents organised in a single place. Share everything with your employees from mission statement to recently acquired equipment. A centralised system ensures everyone works towards the same goal.

Company hub

Save time looking for information thanks to efficient file sharing. Relevant data, company documents and policies - all in the company wiki.

Clear organisational structure

Ensure the right person accesses the right information with clear permission roles.

Company assets

Allocate your assets efficiently. Keep track of inventory, assign it to employees and showcase tools available.

Digital document management system

Keep your company organised with a document management system. All common file formats are supported.

Work better with a company wiki, your single source of truth

650 teams are already enhancing their collaboration and internal workflows. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy with a centralised company wiki.

Keep everyone informed with important data

Knowledge is power. Make sure your employees are aware of important policies, procedures and other relevant information with a central system document management system.

Save time and space

With a centralised document management system, you will be able to save and maximise office space. Gain time with 24/7 accessible documents and improve your corporate image by going paperless.

Your digital lost and found

Never lose sight of your business assets and release the burden of safeguarding them. Keep track of your assets and effectively distribute them.

Find all information you need in the company wiki

Create your single digital source of truth

Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

HR admin activities can be really time consuming, up to a staggering 700 hours annually. Having a company wiki saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage. Start now and make a difference!

  • Paperless
  • Central filing
  • Clear company structure
  • Business assets
  • Access control system
  • Document management system
  • Company Profile
  • SSL encryption
  • GDPR compliant

More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

Transparent time and attendance

Track hours and overtime in just seconds

Quality onboarding process

Make new hires' first day perfect

Digital people system

All personnel data in one place

HR software with integrated document management system

Enjoy all the advantages of using HR software with kiwiHR. Facilitate your employees' daily work and increase their efficiency with an integrated document management system. Not only will you optimise your human resources, but also enable all areas of your organisation the opportunity to benefit from a digital workplace. Improve internal communication with kiwiHR's document management system and improve HR related processes. kiwiHR was designed in compliance with GDPR and the data is hosted in Germany.

Digital document management system and company overview

kiwiHR gives you the opportunity to benefit from contemporary document management system (dms). Many small businesses still have folder systems that lack the organisation and security a document management system offers. In addition, personnel data in such structures are always the responsibility of the HR department or a responsible employee. This employee should ensure that all information is always up to date and often times is also the point of contact when looking for a document. This search can sometimes be very exhausting and time consuming for the person in charge. With kiwiHR’s digital resource management system things will be different. In the document management system you can upload various documents so that they can be found easily and quickly by all colleagues. With Employee Self-Service, the responsibility of updating data is shared between the personnel manager and the rest of the employees which relieves unnecessary workload for the HR department. Moreover, the HR analytics reports will automatically consolidate desired data such as employee headcounts, seniority, company's age, and other relevant data for HR managers. The people system is a perfect example of this. After your employees have been added to kiwiHR, relevant information can be completed by the employee himself. Of course, their personnel file will not be accessible to all employees. Only human resource managers and team leaders can access them. The access control is done automatically when creating an employee and no additional assignment is required. Traditional document management requires a manual security setting that can become time consuming and confusing over time. With kiwiHR and its digital document management system, you take another step towards process optimisation and say goodbye to obsolete folder systems. kiwiHR is compliant with GDPR and the data is securely hosted in Germany.

The kiwiHR functional range

kiwiHR is optimally suited for small and medium-sized enterprises and gives you the necessary freedom to perfectly design your own corporate structure. Employees can be added in just a few clicks. The added employees are then assigned positions, teams and locations. This enables better access control which has direct influence on granted permissions. At this point, an employee's digital personal file can be completed by himself, ensuring information is updated at all times while relieving human resource managers. In addition, kiwiHR helps human resources managers to welcome new hires and provide them with a quality onboarding process thanks to onboarding process checklists. Checklists templates are available for your convenience and can be modified as needed including what the task is about, who is responsible for the task and when the deadline is. In addition to supporting human resources managers, kiwiHR also supports employees with an integrated absence management software, which offers the possibility to place leave requests by pressing a button. The assigned team leader is informed by push notification and can validate or decline it just as quickly. Thanks to the beautifully designed corporate calendar, employees can check whether colleagues are already away from home or whether the desired leave period overlaps with that of a colleague before applying for leave. The team leader can thus check whether a potential staff shortage may arise if the request is approved. Gone are the days of large wall calendars, printing out a holiday request, going to the staff office and possibly a lengthy approval process. kiwiHR simplifies your internal holiday planning, saves you additional time and reduces your paper consumption. When you create your company, you can define different leave types. For example, employees can apply for home office or inform colleagues about a training day. kiwiHR also helps you with reliable time and attendance software reporting and automatically enables your employees to record overtime online. Once the start time of work, the break time and the end of work time have been recorded, kiwiHR compares the hours worked with the contractually agreed actual hours and, if necessary, updates your overtime account. With the document management system, you can share your most important documents and also define a corporate mission. This helps your employees work together on set goals and helps with employee motivation.

Your benefits with kiwiHR

As a web app kiwiHR is available to you from any device. Setup takes only a few minutes and is ready for use. This will save you a long and possibly expensive setup. The user-friendly interface allows you and your colleagues to intuitively use the software. Supported languages include German, English or French and optimise your workforce management. All functions have been implemented in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which makes kiwiHR a secure document management system to which you can entrust sensitive information such as employee records.

You can try kiwiHR for 14 days completely free and without any obligation. Start today and benefit from the ever-growing features of kiwiHR. Do you have any questions? Then schedule an online demo with one of our product experts to get a clear overview of our HR software.

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