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Why kiwiHR is perfect for SMBs

Save up to 9 hours per week with smart and simple HR solution

HR managers currently spend up to 40% of their time performing administrative tasks. With HR workflow automation time spent on these tasks will be immensely reduced.

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Process automation gives you the chance to be more efficient

Procrastinating on the digitisation of internal HR processes only harms your company's competitiveness.

Embrace digital HR

Happy employees, relieved executives

75% of HR managers state that the use of HR software improves employee experience and enables them to focus more on company success. We've experienced the benefits ourselves.

Guaranteed GDPR compliance at no cost

Your information will be managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and secured on ISO-certified servers in Germany.

How kiwiHR will streamline your HR workflows

You can start streamlining your company's internal processes with simple and intuitive HR software. kiwiHR is up and running in less than 5 minutes. It's so easy to use your employees won't need training and they'll love using it!

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Up and running in 5 mins

To help you start right away, a simple step by step guide is available on your kiwiHR profile and will make setup a child's play.

Get results from the first day

As soon as you set up your company account and invite your employees on board, you will benefit from a streamlined HR management.

Simplify your HR processes and grow your company

Automating repetitive human resources processes and keeping important information centralised in a single system has numerous advantages. By making a switch from isolated systems to a centralised HR software, time and costs in HR admin can be reduced by up to 65%.

Delegate and break down huge workloads into pieces

Employee Self-Service involves all employees to tackle down HR tasks and relieves executives and HR managers.

Reduce lengthy processes to just seconds

Holiday planning, time tracking or updating employee data can be done with kiwiHR in just a few seconds.

One software, countless benefits

Benefit from a wide range of smart functions that simplify the daily work in personnel management. With kiwiHR you'll digitise your HR processes, save valuable working time and reduce unnecessary costs.

  • Digital personnel files
  • Employee self-service
  • Holiday planner
  • Time tracking
  • Overtime calculator
  • Company calendar
  • Digital document management
  • Company profile
  • Employee onboarding

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