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woman working part time
  • Time Tracking

Part time work: definition, workers' right and benefits

A part time job is any work that takes only a few hours of your day. How do these jobs work and what are the benefits and disadvantages of part time work? Read more.

Isadora De Angeli

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  • Leave Management

Maternity Leave: pay, entitlement and benefits

Maternity leave aims to protect working females before and after childbirth. Most countries have embraced maternity breaks for new mothers and paternity leaves for fathers. Learn the UK's entitlement, pay, benefits and more.

Isadora De Angeli
Mitarbeiter bereitet sich auf Urlaub vor
  • Leave Management

Holiday entitlement calculator

Basic holiday entitlement in the UK refers to the allowed number of days workers are allocated for their statutory leave. Learn how to calculate the number of days each worker should get for their statutory leave while considering several factors.

Isadora De Angeli
Mindful Leadership at the workplace
  • Employee Management

Mindful Leadership - How mindful leadership succeeds

In the context of New Work, a new leadership style has the potential to create a more pleasant and efficient working atmosphere for employees and managers: Mindful leadership.

Sabrina Fiorin
  • Company culture

5 HR trends to focus on in 2022

Flexibility at work, Quality of Working Life approach, HR digitalisation... Discover the 5 HR challenges that await you in 2022.

Lysiane Mahout
  • Company culture

Successfully implement work meetings remotely

Virtual meetings are a challenge and can take a lot of energy if they are not implemented properly. Find out here what is important.

Hendric Mostert
  • HR Digitisation

4 processes you can simplify through HR automation

If your HR department is still spending a lot of time on manual processes, consider HR automation. Learn more.

Frederieke Cirksena
  • Leave Management

Bank holidays for 2022: get the most out of them!

Look forward to relaxing days off without using up all your leave entitlement. Here are some tips to help you maximise your annual leave and take advantage of bank holidays in 2022.

Frank Mittag
Mitarbeiter arbeiten hybrid
  • Employee Management

Hybrid working: all you need to know

Hybrid working is a combination that allows the employee to work part time in the workplace and part time remotely. Is your company prepared? Find out more.

Isadora De Angeli
  • HR Digitisation

HR Outsourcing: Pros and cons

Is it worth it for your company to outsource HR processes or are there other alternatives you can turn to? We will tell you the pros and cons.

Frederieke Cirksena
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