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Data Privacy Statement

Personal data of visitors

KiwiHR processes the personal data of visitors of as described in this paragraph, including the users of the SaaS (Visitors).

KiwiHR collects and uses the personal data of Visitors for the purpose of:

  • The functioning of the website;
  • Monitoring the performance of the website;
  • Supporting the business operations of KiwiHR, including sales and marketing;
  • Improving and optimizing the website and services of KiwiHR.

The categories of personal data used for the purposes listed under this paragraph are:

  • Device, browser and referrer;
  • Unique identifiers;
  • Timezone and approximate location;
  • Usage of the website;
  • Requests and responses sent to and from your device.

KiwiHR and its partners place cookies for all the purposes listed under this paragraph.

KiwiHR uses its legitimate interests for processing personal data for purposes listed under this paragraph, such legitimate interests are the same as the purposes that KiwiHR processes personal data for. The personal data listed under this paragraph will be deleted when it is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected for.

Responsibility for personal data of Customer’s Users of the SaaS

In some cases KiwiHR processes personal data as a service for SaaS Customers. The SaaS is the software-as-a-service for human resources management that KiwiHR offers to customers (Customers). In those cases the Customer carries the responsibility for the personal data that is being processed, in other words the Customer is the controller and KiwiHR is the processor. End-users of the SaaS (Users) should always contact the Customer for more information about how their personal data is being processed with our SaaS and the responsibilities of the Customer as opposed to those of KiwiHR.

This document describes the processing activities regarding Users of the SaaS, despite the fact that KiwiHR is not always the Controller for personal data of Users. Please be aware that the processing activities that the Customer performs may not align with this document.

Personal Data of Users of the SaaS

KiwiHR offers software-as-a-service for human resources management (SaaS) to its customers (Customers) and processes the personal data of the end-users of the SaaS (Users) for the following purposes:

  • KiwiHR’s billing and administration;
  • Sales and marketing of KiwiHR’s product and services.

The following categories of personal data of Users are processed:

  • Contact details such address, e-mail and phone number;
  • Email, chat and phone communications;
  • The name of the company that the User works for and the role of the User at that company;
  • Billing details.

Please keep in mind that Customers also process personal data of Users for their own purposes and that such processing is performed by KiwiHR on behalf of Customers as part of the SaaS, in which case the processing does not fall (directly) under the responsibility of KiwiHR and also does not fall under this privacy policy.

KiwiHR will delete personal data relating to Users after the services associated with the personal data are cancelled and the personal data is no longer necessary for any of the purposes listed in this paragraph.

If a Customer and/or User purchases the software-as-a-service for recruitment and/or talent acquisition marketed under the brand name ‘Recruitee’ (Recruitee SaaS) from KiwiHR or becomes a trial user for the Recruitee SaaS, then the following privacy policy of Recruitee will (additionally) apply:     

Social media and distributed content

KiwiHR may use the services of our partners to stay in touch with you or to provide you with content. For example we may provide you with articles through our LinkedIn page. Services of KiwiHR’s partners may also be used for KiwiHR and its partners to process personal data or place cookies on your device for the following purposes:

  • Sales and marketing of KiwiHR’s product and services;
  • Improving our product and user experience;
  • Thought leadership and branding;
  • Communicating with customers and potential customers;

KiwiHR may process the following personal data for the purposes listed above in this paragraph:

  • Social media profile;
  • Unique identifiers;
  • Contact information.

KiwiHR may also process public social media posts to stay up-to-date on and respond to social media activity in relation to its business.

Google reCAPTCHA

To protect the sign-up form for the SaaS, we use Google reCAPTCHA from Google. With reCAPTCHA we can determine whether a sign-up is done by a real person or an automated script. To achieve this, Google reCAPTCHA evaluates various information such as IP address, how long the visitor has been on the website or mouse movements made by the user. This analysis starts automatically as soon as the website visitor approves the cookie-policy. The data collected during the analysis will be forwarded to Google. The reCAPTCHA analyses take place in the background and the visitors are not advised that such an analysis is taking place. We have a legitimate interest in protecting our site, especially the sign up form, from abusive automated scripts.

You can learn more about reCAPTCHA on Google’s web developer page at More information about which data is collected by Google and what this data is used for can be found at


The following companies process your personal data that was collected for the purposes of marketing and sales to help KiwiHR serve you KiwiHR’s advertisements on third party websites and applications: Facebook, G2, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft (Bing), Twitter, Quora, Oath (Yahoo), Reddit and Outbrain. Unique identifiers (with the help of cookies), contact information and browsing history are processed for those purposes. Opt-outs for processing of your personal data for this purpose are available on the following pages: (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Oath and Outbrain) (G2) (Quora) (Reddit)

E-mails & other communications

KiwiHR may send you e-mails with information about KiwiHR’s products and services, or other information that may interest you. E-mails will only be sent based on opt-in, unless you register for KiwiHR’s services. If you are registered for a KiwiHR service you may receive e-mails about similar services or to help you become a successful user of our services. You can contact us by e-mail to opt-out of our e-mails or use the unsubscribe links provided in the e-mail communications that we send you.

Communications between you and KiwiHR such as chats, e-mails, phone conversations and private messages may be stored to improve our communications and for future reference.

Applicants to KiwiHR jobs (

KiwiHR may collect your personal data for recruitment purposes in one of the following three ways:

  1. You apply for a job at KiwiHR: If you apply for a job at KiwiHR then we process your personal data to facilitate the entire job application procedure on the grounds of our legitimate interests for recruitment. Your data will be kept by KiwiHR for up to 97 days. That period may be extended by 37 days after we have last corresponded with you over email to make sure that your personal data is not deleted while you are in an application procedure. The retention period may also be extended if you provide your consent for KiwiHR to keep your profile in its talent pool for KiwiHR to reach out to you about future job opportunities and to otherwise process your personal data in relation to recruitment for job openings at KiwiHR.
  2. We source you through publicly available resources: KiwiHR may, based on its legitimate interests for recruitment, search through publicly available resources such as LinkedIn to find candidates that have skills, experience and interests that match with KiwiHR’s staffing needs. If KiwiHR believes that you may be a match with KiwiHR’s staffing needs, then KiwiHR will, based on its legitimate interests for recruitment, process your personal data for the purpose of reaching out to you and asking for your consent to match you with job opportunities at KiwiHR and to otherwise process your personal data in relation to recruitment for job openings at KiwiHR. If the consent is not provided then your personal data will be automatically deleted within 37 days after it has first been collected. If consent is required under applicable law to contact you, we will only contact you if you have consented.
  3. You are referred by someone: Someone who knows you might refer you to us because that person believes you have skills, experience and interests that match with KiwiHR’s staffing needs. Upon receiving your contact details and determining that you are a good match we will, based on our legitimate interests for recruitment, reach out to you to ask for your consent to match you with job opportunities at KiwiHR and to otherwise process your personal data in relation to recruitment for job openings at KiwiHR. If the consent is not provided then your personal data will be automatically deleted within 37 days after it has first been collected. If consent is required under applicable law to contact you, we will only contact you if you have consented.

The following personal data can be processed for a job application procedure or other recruitment activities:

  • Any personal data that you provide through our job application form or that we collect during the recruitment process including, but not limited to:
  • Contact details such as full name, email address, phone number
  • Picture, cover letter, résumé and LinkedIn profile
  • Which job you have applied for
  • Statuses, notes, evaluations and planning related to your job application
  • Email communications

Under European data protection law we are required to inform you that withholding personal data in your job application can give you a disadvantage in comparison to other candidates who are applying for the same role.

Cookie permissions

Upon visiting our website for the first time you are presented with our cookie consent tool. The cookie consent tool offers Visitors a choice to either accept or reject cookies that require your consent under data protection law. KiwiHR will always respect your choices. It’s also possible to either disable or delete our cookies in your internet browser.

Requests or questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your personal data. You can also contact us with requests to exercise your rights under European data protection law. Such rights include the rights to access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability and object.

If you have any requests or questions with regard to your personal data you can contact us at:

Updates to this policy

From time to time, KiwiHR will revise this policy, without further notice. KiwiHR recommends that you regularly check whether this policy has been revised. However, KiwiHR will notify Users via notifications in the in-app live chat or by e-mail about any major changes that would negatively impact Users' interests. This policy does not apply to third-party services that may be accessed through links on the Services.

KiwiHR’s identity and address

Where this privacy policy refers to KiwiHR such references should be interpreted as YooniQ solutions GmbH and its affiliates (i.e. the companies that are part of the same group of companies). For the sake of clarity, the affiliates of YooniQ solutions GmbH may also process your personal data. YooniQ solutions GmbH will act as your main contact in relation to the processing of your personal data as set out in this privacy policy. The details of YooniQ solutions GmbH are as follows:

YooniQ solutions GmbH, Rüdesheimer Str. 21, 80686 Münich, Germany.

Supervisory authority

The “Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht” is the supervisory authority for the processing of personal data by KiwiHR. The website of the supervisory authority is:

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