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Time and attendance

Time and attendance system everyone will love

Save time and avoid errors with time tracking that works for everyone. Enable employees to easily track their hours worked and give them free access to their worked hours and overtime balance.

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End the timesheet nightmare

Swap incomplete spreadsheets for real-time attendance tracking that's so easy to use, no training is required and everyone will actually love using it

  • Record time and breaks on the go with mobile time tracking
  • Add notes and time logs to a project and get daily activity insights
  • Give staff free access to their current attendance and overtime balances 24/7
  • Timesheet validation allow you to keep track of times and thus comply with legal requirements at all times.

Attendance tracking that meets your needs

Keep track of your employees' working hours effortlessly from wherever they are, whatever your rules are, and comply with time tracking regulations

  • Adapt work schedules to your own needs on the fly at once
  • Overtime, public holidays, sickness and more automatically added
  • Go fully automated with pre-filled timesheets

Your new dream attendance board

Our attendance dashboard is a dream come true. Thanks to our transparent overview, you can track attendance in real-time.

  • See who's clocked in, remote, absent or on training at a glance
  • Provide managers and staff an accurate attendance overview
  • Keep all attendance records organised and accessible in one place

More than productivity insights

Increase data quality and enhance communication between HR and payroll, or simply improve your company's work-life balance

  • Export attendance records in one click, share them and ensure a timely month closure
  • Get productivity and activity insights with project time tracking
  • Spot presenteeism, absenteeism or burnout before it's too late

Time and attendance software designed to meet your needs

You can start streamlining your company's time and attendance management with our easy to use HR software. Your employees will enjoy using it and you will love the increased data accuracy!

  • Easy and fast time and attendance tracking
  • Automatic working time entries
  • Transparent attendance dashboard
  • Customisable work schedules
  • Automatic overtime calculation
  • Timesheets export for flawless payroll
  • On-the-go time tracking for mobile devices
  • Automatic break time calculation
  • Timesheet and overtime balances on payroll

Discover how HR software can simplify your processes

Save time with automated time and attendance solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should switch to kiwiHR’s time and attendance system

kiwiHR is an online HR software. You can immensely simplify your company's human resources thanks to our web based time and attendance system. With kiwiHR, you can create work schedules to suit your company's needs, regardless of the number of employees you have.

What is a time and attendance software?

Our time and attendance solution is ideal for the time managing of small businesses. With kiwiHR, managers can easily create customised work schedules and assign them to employees on the fly. From working students to full-time workers, managing employee schedules is easy.

You can track employees' working time from start to end, including breaks, even if your team is remote. Here you can learn more about the transition to virtual teams with our working remotely tools and tips. Employees can record their working time from anywhere and at any time, even from their mobile phone thanks to kiwiHR's time tracking app. Employees will appreciate working with an intuitive using time and attendance software.

Stress-free with the automatic calculator

Have you ever asked yourself how to manage overtime effectively? With the automatic overtime calculator and payroll system, managers will no longer have to stress about incorrect calculations for overtime pay and can quickly spot when employees are working overtime and prevent presenteeism. Enabling overtime tracking on kiwiHR can also be handy to manage time in lieu thanks to the connection to our absence management software - where you can customise your employees' leave policies, public holidays, and manage other leave benefits.

Additionally, with our sickness tracker you can easily manage your team's sickness requests. Moreover, instead of using excel timesheet template, switch to kiwiHR’s intuitive time and attendance tracking software for a better employee management solution.

Autonomy for your team with ESS

Does this all sound awesome? Then don't wait too long to bring everyone to kiwiHR. The first step is to create your own employee database with kiwiHR's employee directory. With the employee self service, your staff can complete a wide range of activities like their own onboarding process and ensure their personal data and records are current or make changes on their own - all in kiwiHR. Why not delegate data entry to the people who know their records best? kiwiHR ensures all data is safely stored in a secure system and prevents confidential information from falling into the wrong hands with access control.

kiwiHR not only provides solutions to administrative tasks but also more strategic tasks. Thanks to HR reports managers can start making better decisions with insights gathered on project time tracking, headcount, hires and more reports to spot potential issues such as absenteeism, employee burnout, high staff turnover rates or poor employee retention.

Get started with an intuitive mobile web app

As a mobile web app, kiwiHR is available on all devices although is not a native mobile app. Setup takes only a few minutes and is absolutely free. The user-friendly interface will speed up HR software implementation.

Test kiwiHR for 14 days without any obligations and free of charge. Get started today and simplify your human resources with kiwiHR. For any doubts you may have, be sure to schedule an online demo with a product expert to get a deep overview of our HR software.

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