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Automated time and attendance software

Track working hours in seconds and calculate overtime automatically. Increase payroll and attendance data accuracy with flawless time and attendance solutions.

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Time and attendance software kiwiHR
3.5M working hours tracked with kiwiHR

Forget about spreadsheets and get your time back

Manual time and attendance methods are prone to error and time consuming. for employees while self-made spreadsheets are a pain to update for managers. With this in mind, we built a time and attendance solution to end this nightmare.

Spreadsheets are confusing

Working with spreadsheets is overwhelming. Filling up endless cells makes a simple task like tracking working hours, painful.

Even the best spreadsheets make mistakes

Up to 88% of internal spreadsheets contain mistakes. It's only a matter of time until an incorrect formula passes on errors all the way to payroll data.

Stop wasting time on time tracking

Recording working hours takes only 15 seconds with kiwiHR. How long does it take you to edit your whole timesheet template?

employee struggles with excel timesheets

The time-saving, smooth way to flawless time and attendance tracking

Tracking time and attendance can be easy. Help employees to make better use of their working time on more meaningful tasks. kiwiHR automatically records work hours and calculating overtime for everyone.

Flexible and adaptable time tracking

Adapt kiwiHR to your own needs with flexible work schedules. Secure accurate time and attendance with customisable work schedules.

Track employee attendance in real time

With the mobile time clock, employees can record their working hours and breaks on the go at the push of a button.

Automatic overtime calculator

You set the rules, employees record time, and we do the math. Overtime is calculated automatically, leaving errors out of the formula.

Get ready for payroll with timesheets export

Increase payroll accuracy with accurate timesheets. Share them with your accountant in just one click.

Take a deeper look into how working hours are spent and boost productivity

Transparent time and attendance improves payroll accuracy by up to 85%. It also increases employee productivity by up to 45%.

Goodbye paper, hello simplicity!

Forget about storing timesheets in dusty folders. kiwiHR centralises this data in a single secure system.

Make it better for everyone

Let your employees track time and attendance on their own in a painless way. Meanwhile, get peace of mind from your accountant getting accurate numbers for payroll.

Save valuable working time

Automating time and attendance results in saving up to 10 hours a week.

Get the right numbers for payroll

Track and save working hours with kiwiHR today!

Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

HR admin activities can be really time consuming, up to a staggering 700 hours annually. Automating time and attendance saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage. Start now and make a difference!

  • Automatic overtime calculation
  • Employee self-service attendance
  • Automatic working time entries
  • Track time in less than 10 seconds
  • Transparent time and attendance
  • Customisable work schedules
  • Timesheets export for flawless payroll
  • Time clock
  • Simple work schedules setup

More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

People system

All personnel data in one place

Absence management

Manage time off on the fly

Insightful company resources

Consolidate important information

Why you should switch to kiwiHR’s time and attendance software

kiwiHR is an online HR software. Software as a service is designed for the optimisation of daily or repetitive processes. HR software is no exception. As part of our offered services, you can immensely simplify your company's human resources thanks to cloud based time and attendance software. With kiwiHR you can create work schedules to suit your company's needs, regardless of the number of employees you have. Our time tracking solution is ideal for small businesses. With kiwiHR, managers can easily create customised work schedules and assign them to employees on the fly. From the working student to full-time workers, managing employee schedules is easy. You can track employees' working time from start to end, including breaks. Employees can record their working time from anywhere and at any time, even from their mobile phone thanks to kiwiHR's time tracking app. Employees will appreciate working with an intuitive using time and attendance software.

Moreover, with the automatic overtime calculator, managers will no longer have to stress about incorrect calculations and can quickly spot when employees are working overtime and prevent presenteeism. Enabling overtime tracking on kiwiHR can also be handy to manage time in lieu thanks to the connection to our absence management software - where you can customise your employees' leave policies, public holidays, and manage other leave benefits. Now you can ditch your excel timesheet template and switch to kiwiHR’s intuitive time and attendance system for better employee time management.

Does this all sound awesome? Then don't wait too long to bring everyone to kiwiHR. The first step is to create your own employee database with kiwiHR's people system. With the use of employee self service, your staff can complete their own onboarding process and ensure their personal data and records are current or make changes on their own - all in kiwiHR. Why not delegate data entry to the people who know their records best? kiwiHR ensures all data is safely stored in a secure system and prevents confidential information from falling into the wrong hands with access control.

kiwiHR not only provides solutions to administrative tasks but also more strategic tasks. Thanks to HR analytics reports managers can start making better decisions with insights gathered on project time tracking, headcount, hires and more reports to spot potential issues such as absenteeism, employee burnout, high staff turnover rates or poor employee retention.

As a mobile web app, kiwiHR is available on all devices although is not a native mobile app. Setup takes only a few minutes and is absolutely free. The user-friendly interface will speed up HR software implementation. Test kiwiHR for 14 days without any obligations and free of charge. Get started today and simplify your human resources with kiwiHR. For any doubts you may have, be sure to schedule an online demo with a product expert to get a deep overview of our HR software.

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