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Absence management

Stress-free planning with absence management software

Leave planning feels like holiday with kiwiHR. Everyone will love requesting and managing leave in one click. Automatically updated leave balances and a clear absence overview make planning leave a breeze.

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Planning leave feels like holiday

Everyone loves holidays, so why does holiday management feel so differently? Turn leave admin into a stress-free experience for all.

  • Delegate the hard work and let people request leave on their own
  • Approve leave requests in one click or automatically
  • No more delays with instant notifications for managers and staff

Adapt leave benefits on the fly

Every person in your company is at a different stage in life and our leave system is able to live up to that. Adapt annual leave policies with flexible rules and keep everyone on track with accurate leave records.

  • Customise or create leave policies for several people in a swift
  • We'll do the math for you, whether it's holiday accrual or time in lieu
  • Our leave records don't lie thanks to automatic calculations including public holidays

All absences in a bird's eye view

Plan more in advance, spot overlapping holidays, prevent bottlenecks and provide a transparent overview to all whether it's the team's holidays or their own leave balances

  • Increase transparency with a synchronisable company calendar
  • Never miss a thing again thanks to a complete calendar - absences, holidays, remote
  • Clear up all questions with transparent rules and leave records

Leave records always at the ready

Whether it’s to get payroll ready or you wanna dig deeper into your company's holiday usage and current work-life balance state, find and share the information you need easily

  • Keep track of paid leave types and get payroll ready with pay runs
  • See if people are taking the holidays they deserve using leave usage reports
  • Export leave usage reports in one click and easily share them

Absence management software designed to meet your needs

You can start streamlining your company's absence management with our user friendly software. Your employees will enjoy using it and you will love the time savings on leave administration!

  • One click leave requests and approvals
  • Automatic approvals
  • Transparent company calendar
  • Customisable leave types
  • Public holidays and customisation
  • Annual leave records export
  • Mobile leave requests and approvals
  • Automatic leave accrual calculation
  • Clear rules with customisable leave policies

Discover how HR software can simplify your processes

Love your holiday planner as much as your holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Streamline your absence management with kiwiHR

Allow your company to manage employee absences in a single absence management software and make your HR management more effective. Enjoy time savings by streamlining leave administration processes.

The sky is the limit as far as annual leave policies. With our annual leave management software, you can create as many absence policies as you need including flexible working, long-term absence such as maternity leave or sickness absence policies. Furthermore, you can check out our sickness tracker for specific sick leave requests. Whether you need to manage remote work, short term absence, or long term sickness, you can set the total days off an employee is entitled to for each leave type or absence policy you create.

Customize policies and annual leave balances with ease 

Annual leave entitlements specify how many days off an employee is entitled to. You can limit employee absence with annual leave entitlements for each leave type. You can also define if annual leave entitlement is accrued at the end of the month or at the beginning of the year.

Therefore, neither employees nor their supervisors lose track of annual leave balances. Employees can request holiday leave and other types of leave from any device. Employees are also able to attach documents to their leave request, such as a fit note. The respective supervisor can respond just as quickly, by simply pushing one button.

This results in an immense simplification of the absence management process. Moreover, the supervisor can see employee time off history and filter by month or year. All these features enhance your absence management and help you reduce absenteeism.

Efficient HR management thanks to kiwiHR

More HR management tools are available at kiwiHR, all you need is a reliable internet connection. Employees can view their personal information and update it using employee self-service.

The calendar function provides an overview of planned absences and who is out of office. Using the staff holiday planner or staff leave planner also helps prevent potential staff shortages. The calendar also includes regional and national public holidays. They are also taken into account automatically on the holiday management system. The public holidays are assigned according to each user’s location.

Transparent time and attendance system

kiwiHR also offers a streamlined time and attendance system. With transparent time and attendance, your employees can record their hours worked in a few clicks. The attendance system also includes overtime tracking and it calculates the extra hours automatically. Comply with the ECJ ruling on working hours (2019) and provide your staff with reliable time tracking. At the same time, the automatic overtime calculator helps you manage time in lieu. The time off in lieu rules can be set in the absence management module. Total worked hours, overtime and other information can be easily downloaded.

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