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Meet kiwiHR: Now available on public beta

Frank Mittag

June 7, 2018 – It finally happened!

After months of development, the beta version of kiwiHR will be rolled out to the public.

With features such as digital time off management, modern employee data management, as well as a powerful company calendar, kiwiHR will begin to implement our company’s mission:

“We want to affordably digitalise the HR management at small and medium-sized businesses. The top priorities of this endeavor are usability and HR management simplification.”

As an added treat from Bavaria’s start-up capital of Munich, kiwiHR is absolutely free to use for all companies during the beta phase (through September).

Furthermore, all registered users will be able to take advantage of an additional 14 day free test phase right after the software is officially rolled out this September.

Hence, if you decide to use kiwiHR in time to take advantage of all of these benefits, you may be able to use kiwiHR free of charge for up to four months.

What is a beta phase?

Before a product – or as is the case with kiwiHR – an HR software for small business – is made available in its final version to the consumer market for a price, it usually goes through several test phases.

The purpose of such test phases is to detect potential sources of errors, to eliminate them and to optimise the product before it is sold. Ideally, a group drawn from the actual target audience tests and assesses the product to detect optimisation potential, so that improvements can be made while it is still under development.

The development cycle of typical software looks like this:

Alpha phase:

The development of the software is approved. Early tests are conducted by its developers to check its functionality and usability.

Beta phase:

Developers and specifically chosen users conduct additional tests. Potential customers and prospects are tasked with identifying final, minor sources of errors and optimisation options in everyday use. In most cases, the product is already fully ready to use, and the bugs or lacking functions are minor. The goal is to check how well the market accepts the product.

Launch (rollout into the market):  

After the final bugs have been identified and eliminated plus new functions or function expansions have been added, the product can now be offered for sale.

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The development of kiwiHR

The two founders of software enterprise YooniQ solutions came up with the idea behind kiwiHR in 2017 and by the end of the year, the development of kiwiHR was underway.

The YooniQ solutions team of 11 was able to put to work the wealth of experience acquired over many years of HR management work. The company’s first software product, Unatrix, has won the trust of numerous users in 23 countries since 2008. They use it to manage their applicants, customer relationships (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Thanks to a large number of industrious test users within the team of developers along with specifically chosen prospective users, kiwiHR has already completed several test phases and passed them successfully. We are proud to let you know that kiwiHR is already usable for everyday applications. The primary goal of our beta phase will be to boost the usability of some of its features. To attain this, we have a keen interest in obtaining important feedback from our testers to take into account in the further development of kiwiHR.

All of kiwiHR’s features that have been released to date are already in a highly advanced state of development. They are fully functional.

However, given that kiwiHR is to be designed in a way that it optimally meets the needs of all users, your feedback will be helpful for us to make some final, fine-tuned adjustments to kiwiHR.

kiwiHR’s scope of functions

With features such as modern absence management, digital people system, and a powerful company calendar, kiwiHR is already offering a portfolio that is competitive with the majority of those offered by providers for small and medium-sized companies.

Once it is officially launched into the market, kiwiHR will boast additional features and hence continuously increases the potential benefits for users and prospective customers. Even after the solution has entered the market, the team will continue to implement additional helpful features.

The chaos of working with paper and maintaining complex Excel worksheets to manage time off can be a distant memory for you as soon as tomorrow.

Start conveniently managing the time off requests and sick leave notifications as well as any other employee absenteeism from all end devices using a centralised and secure system today!

Also, don’t ever rely on outdated employee information again! With kiwiHR’s employee self-service, your colleagues can update their digital personnel files themselves, while we guarantee that your data is secure.

The company calendar is the ideal time off planner and is compatible with Google, Apple and Microsoft calendar solutions. A few clicks are all it takes to synchronise your kiwiHR calendar with Google Calendar, iCal and Microsoft Office. This makes it very easy to keep an eye on upcoming time off schedules or national holidays.

To ensure that internationally engaged company workforces can communicate easily, kiwiHR speaks fluent German and English. We are still adding other languages.

The calendar also displays the national holidays of all EU member states, as well as Russia, the United States, Canada, Norway, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Iceland. This makes it much easier to handle your company-wide staff planning.

During the beta phase, we will continue to work on the development of new features and expanded functions. We will keep you up-to-date via e-mail or newsletter.

The next feature to be added to kiwiHR will be time tracking.

picture of kiwiHR's in-app features

Test kiwiHR for free

Test kiwiHR at no cost to you throughout the beta phase. Find out first hand how user-friendly and intuitive the interface is. Your colleagues will love it!

  • Instant access, no waiting!
  • No setup fees!
  • No commitment!

If you decide to try kiwiHR, you will be able to start optimising your HR process today!

Any further questions? Our support staff will be pleased to assist you. Or check out our knowledge base, which contains lots of answers.

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