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In the kiwiHR HR wiki, common terminology from the human resources world are explained in clear and simple terms. Here, you will also find practical tips and case studies.

  • Compassionate leave: definition and rules in the UK

    Compassionate leave, also known as time off for dependants, is a type of leave an employee can take when someone close to them dies or has life-threatening illness or injury.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)

    Employee self-service also known as ESS, helps companies to work efficiently and save valuable working time while increasing data accuracy by enabling employees to take some administrative matters into their own hands. Get more details here.
  • Exit interview

    An exit interview is a series of questions you ask an employee as they leave their job at your company. The goal of the exit interview is to get constructive feedback from your departing employee that might help you reduce employee turnover.
  • Gross misconduct

    Gross misconduct is a broad term used in HR to justifiy immediate dismissal. Find out exactly what constitutes gross misconduct and the process behind to avoid unfair dismissal claims.
  • HRIS

    HRIS (Human Resources Information System) - is an HR system that enables companies to streamline their human resource management on a daily basis. It covers many functions according to the needs of each company and supports HR managers. Get the details.
  • Onboarding

    Onboarding in human resources stands for the process of smoothly integrating new employees into the company. Learn more details and best employee onboarding practices here.
  • Parental leave entitlement

    Parental leave is the right to be absent from work to take care of your child. Here's a guide to help you understand the different types of leave, the UK's entitlement and eligibility for parental leave.
  • Performance appraisal

    Also known as performance review, a performance appraisal is a review of an employee's job performance, skills, contributions, achievements and more. Learn more and how to give an effective performance appraisal here.
  • Personnel file

    A personnel file is a paper or electronic folder that compiles all the necessary employee information for employment and human resources records. Personnel files include basic and compensation information, which should comply with federal and local laws. Learn more details here.
  • Time Off Management

    Time off management aims to efficiently administer the amount of time an employee spends away from work. The most common types of time off include sickness, holiday, training, and home office. Learn more about what you need to consider.
  • Time off in lieu (TOIL)

    Time off in lieu or TOIL is the practice of compensating workers with paid leave instead of monetary payment for extra hours they work. Learn more details here.

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