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Mobile working

"Mobile working" - what does it mean?

Mobile working is a working model in which employees can work regardless of location. Thus, they do not need to be at home or in the office.

What is the difference between mobile working and working from home?

Mobile working differs from teleworking (home office), for which it is legally stipulated that it must take place in the employee's own home. For mobile working, on the other hand, there are still no legal regulations. Employees also have no legal entitlement to it.

An important advantage of mobile working compared to remote working or hybrid working is that employees can decide in a more flexible way where they want to work. In a café, on a train, in a coworking space, or even on a beach in another country, the options are endless.

Mobile worker at the airport

In terms of employment law, what should be considered?

Even when working on the move, employers must ensure that occupational health and safety is guaranteed. Employees cannot be exposed to any mental or physical hazards. Implementation is more difficult here than in the office, so employers can, for example, obtain written confirmation that certain criteria for the workplace are met.

To prevent burnout, employers should also make sure that their employees don't work too much.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good employer branding Less connection with the team

Better Work-Life-Balance

Possible overtime or "endless availability”

More flexibility

Communication more difficult

Higher employee satisfaction

Requires high level of trust and reliability

Increased motivation

Lower costs for office space

Greater trust in employees

Mobile worker in the suburban train

What can the company do to facilitate the implementation of mobile working?

It is important for companies to provide their employees with mobile accessories such as laptops, wireless mice, computer cases and backup batteries for smartphones to facilitate mobile work.

Employee responsibilities should be clearly defined, with measures to assess productivity and quality of work. Online appointments and meetings are also effective ways for employees to work remotely. With today's changing work patterns, it is increasingly important for companies to adapt and put in place measures to support their mobile employees, such as the use of online applications, collaboration and file sharing tools. Employees must first be trained in the use of these tools and applications to optimize their use.

How can managers still be aware about their employees' working hours?

Time tracking software is a great way to do this. This allows you to see at a glance in real time who is currently working or absent. Agree on clear availability times to facilitate communication. Apart from that, employers within the EU are obliged to provide their employees with a time recording system.

Learn more about the benefits of HR software

With an HR software, you can always keep an eye on the working hours, absences and data of your employees.


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