Onboarding checklists

Employee onboarding process checklist template

A stellar onboarding process sets up new hires for success by increasing their productivity from day one. Increase employee retention with onboarding checklists proven to enable the best possible start.

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Three good reasons to implement successful onboarding processes:

Spark engagement. New employees that feel well-integrated into the company, will give their best right from the start.

Increase employee retention. A well structured employee onboarding increases the chances of retaining employees for at least three years by nearly 70%.

Increase productivity. Introducing business processes in a transparent and structured way enables new hires to be productive from day one.

The onboarding templates included in this document will give you the solid foundation you need for a successful onboarding strategy.

Employee onboarding checklists included:

  • Before the new hire’s first day
  • New hire’s first day
  • First tasks for new hires
  • The first 4 weeks

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