Onboarding process

Stellar starts with a clear onboarding process

Set new hires up for success with a streamlined onboarding program that new joiners' first days memorable and eases them into their new position.

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Employee onboarding system

Enable a productive start

Onboarding new joiners is no longer a burden thanks to an automated employee onboarding process. Create an onboarding experience that reflects your company culture and enable a seamless collaboration from day one.

  • Automate onboarding and new hires' first tasks with checklists
  • Make transitions smooth by setting clear tasks, deadlines, and supervisors
  • Share all onboarding documents and mandatory forms in one place
  • Make paperwork a breeze and let people complete their own data

Plan for a successful collaboration

A good onboarding process starts even before the first day of work and as soon as the hiring process is done. It also won't stop at the first week, with kiwiHR you'll be ready for long-term success.

  • Keep team members in the loop about their new colleague's arrival
  • Ensure all information is readily available for optimal communication
  • Know exactly when to check-in and review progress with probation end period dates

Save time with automated processes

Do you have multiple day to day processes you’d like to automate? kiwiHR checklists are also perfect to help you streamline other HR processes and create an even better work environment

  • All checklists are customisable and perfect for virtual teams
  • Ready-to-use company events planning and offboarding templates
  • Create new checklists to automate as many processes as needed

Increase employee retention with a structured onboarding process

Having an onboarding process saves you time and reassures new hires they made the right choice by joining you. Start now and engage your employees from day one!

  • Structured onboarding
  • Ready-to-use checklists templates
  • Set deadlines, assignees and supervisors
  • Clear tasks and responsibilities
  • Easy document sharing
  • Customisable templates
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Internal processes automated

Automate your onboarding process with modern HR software

Give new hires the welcome they deserve

How checklists ensure a successful onboarding process

Having a good employee onboarding process makes onboarding new employees a breeze. In pandemic times, it is also crucial to be prepared for virtual onboarding. Additionally, having virtual team-building activities can promote staff engagement in the following steps and also creates a better work environment, enhancing the company culture.

An onboarding checklist guarantees a perfect employee's first day of work while familiarising with the company's tools. With editable checklists, employees can be assigned tasks and clearly set responsibilities. Here are some templates available in kiwiHR that support your hr team in the onboarding and offboarding processes:

How to effectively prevent employee turnover and reduce costs

As of now, every fourth employee leaves the company during the first year of employment, with 20% of them during the first 45 days. Therefore, one can assume that employees quickly get a very meaningful picture of the new employer and draw their own conclusions even if it’s negative. However, employees can be retained with a structured onboarding process.

Skilled labour shortage, a good economy and generally low unemployment lead to high demand for suitable employees in the market. Staff turnover is high, especially in metropolitan areas. A termination and a new hiring process inevitably leads to high costs, such as job advertisements and lengthy interview process.

According to statistics, new hires need 8-12 months to reach the level of their former colleague. Therefore, less productivity is to be expected as new employees get trained and introduced into the business processes.

The importance of having a structured offboarding process

Organisations shouldn't underestimate the potential impact of an inexistent offboarding process. Employees who do not feel valued when they leave a company could still cause lasting damage to the company, regardless if the contract was terminated by the company or if the employee left by preference.

Due to the immense influence of portals such as kununu on potential new applicants, employees should not be given any reason to leave negative comments about the company because of an ineffective offboarding. Having a well-structured offboarding process, including an exit interview, will not only enable departing employees to leave the company with respect, but it will also prevent your employer branding from being negatively affected.

Your benefits with kiwiHR

kiwiHR greatly simplifies day to day administrative human resources processes such as absence management software, sickness tracker, time and attendance software, administering staff data and other documents. In general, the use of smart HR software can reduce the administrative burden of administrative HR tasks by almost 10 hours a week.

Team members can use the kiwiHR web app from any device. kiwiHR is ready for use and setup is completed in a few minutes. Benefit from kiwiHR in German, English or French and optimise your workforce management.

You can test kiwiHR for 14 days without any obligations and completely free of charge. Or if preferred, you can also arrange an online demo with one of our product experts. Start today and benefit from the ever-increasing HR software.

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