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Onboarding / Offboarding

Stellar starts with a clear onboarding process

Set new hires up for success with a streamlined onboarding program that new joiners' first days memorable and eases them into their new position.

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Enable a productive start

Onboarding new joiners is no longer a burden thanks to an automated employee onboarding process. Create an onboarding experience that reflects your company culture and enable a seamless collaboration from day one.

  • Automate onboarding and new hires' first tasks with checklists
  • Make transitions smooth by setting clear tasks, deadlines, and supervisors
  • Share all onboarding documents and mandatory forms in one place
  • Make paperwork a breeze and let people complete their own data

Plan for a successful collaboration

A good onboarding process starts even before the first day of work and as soon as the hiring process is done. It also won't stop at the first week, with kiwiHR you'll be ready for long-term success.

  • Keep team members in the loop about their new colleague's arrival
  • Ensure all information is readily available for optimal communication
  • Know exactly when to check-in and review progress with probation end period dates

Save time with automated processes

Do you have multiple day to day processes you’d like to automate? kiwiHR checklists are also perfect to help you streamline other HR processes and create an even better work environment.

  • All checklists are customisable and perfect for virtual teams
  • Ready-to-use company events planning and offboarding templates
  • Create new checklists to automate as many processes as needed

Improve your HR management and employer branding with successful offboarding

With professional offboarding, you leave a positive image, turn your employees into ambassadors and collect valuable employee opinions.

  • Facilitate the handover and exchange of responsibilities between staff
  • Ensure that all leave requests have been made and all required documents completed before the last day
  • Plan the exit interview for a successful departure

Increase employee retention with a structured onboarding process

Having an onboarding process saves you time and reassures new hires they made the right choice by joining you. Start now and engage your employees from day one!

  • Structured onboarding
  • Ready-to-use checklists templates
  • Set deadlines, assignees and supervisors
  • Clear tasks and responsibilities
  • Easy document sharing
  • Customisable templates
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Internal processes automated

Automate your onboarding process with modern HR software

Give new hires the welcome they deserve

Successful integration and departure of your employees in VSEs and SMEs

In about 70% of small and medium-sized enterprises, HR activities are executed by managers. This means that all HR processes are carried out in addition to the actual tasks. It is therefore not surprising that HR managers in these companies want to remedy this as quickly as possible. kiwiHR was created precisely for this purpose.

kiwiHR streamlines HR processes while providing HR managers with a reliable means to carry out these activities, especially when onboarding new employees and managing employee exits, by offering easy-to-use onboarding and offboarding software.

Onboarding checklists for successful onboarding.

Benefits of onboarding checklists

Integration with checklists, as in kiwiHR, offers many benefits to companies. These make it possible to reduce the time spent on onboarding new hires through its established, systematic nature. The onboarding process always follows the same steps to ensure that new employees have clearly defined responsibilities. For example, IT staff are usually responsible for providing hardware and software to new employees.

Similarly, training for new employees should ideally be done by a teammate. With kiwiHR's checklists, tasks can be assigned to employees with clearly defined due dates and responsibilities.

Ready-to-use templates for your HR onboarding

A number of templates are already available in kiwiHR, such as:

  • Onboarding: Before the new employee arrives
  • Onboarding: First day of the new employee
  • Onboarding: First tasks of the new employee
  • Onboarding: First month of the new employee
  • Offboarding: Organise employee departure

These templates can be modified and adapted to your company's internal processes. Delegating the onboarding of a new employee and distributing it between several employees reduces the time the HR manager would have to spend on it. Above all, it promotes employee engagement and good integration into the team members right from the start.

An online accessible tool for good onboarding

Use the HR portal as an onboarding tool as well. By creating the employee's profile as soon as they join the company, you give them access to a wealth of useful information for their successful integration: Employee directory, organisation chart, HR documents, etc.

The importance of effective onboarding in a company

How to effectively prevent staff turnover?

Currently, 25% of new employees leave the company within a year of being hired, 20% of them within the first 45 days. Therefore, it can be assumed that employees quickly get a very significant picture of the new employer and draw their own conclusions, even if they are negative.

However, employee retention is increased by 25% through successful onboarding. Statistics show, for example, that employees are 69% more likely to be retained for three years if onboarding is successful. These figures are sometimes alarming and hard to ignore, given the high costs of replacing an employee.

How can costs be reduced through employee integration?

The shortage of skilled labour, a good economy and a generally low unemployment rate lead to high demand for qualified employees on the labour market. Staff turnover is high, especially in metropolitan areas and regions with a large service sector.

With a structured integration, new employees will feel valued and consequently their loyalty will quickly increase. After all, 15% of employees said that the lack of onboarding had reinforced their decision to leave the company. Resignation inevitably entails high costs for businesses, especially for SMEs and VSEs.

Job postings, applications, the lengthy interview process and preparation require a lot of time and money. According to statistics, new employees need 8 to 12 months to reach the level of their former colleagues. Therefore, less productivity is expected as the new employees are trained and integrated into the company processes. For all the above reasons, retaining employees with successful onboarding programs are worthwhile.

How onboarding increases the productivity of new employees by more than 10%.

Everyone has probably experienced it - full of energy on the first day of work, then you realise that neither computers, hardware or software are installed, nor your team or designated contact person is in the office today. Situations like this are very demotivating for new employees and embarrassing for companies. More than 40% of new employees will have a fully equipped workplace more than a week after their first day.

Onboarding guarantees a perfect first day at work while respecting the new employees' desire to do everything well. When new employees are integrated with the tools used by the company and clear responsibilities are defined, employee performance increases by up to 11% right from the start of employment.

Offboarding is just as important as HR onboarding

Organisations should not undervalue the potential impact of not having an offboarding process in place when an employee leaves. Employees who feel don't feel appreciated when they leave a company can damage the company's brand. It does not matter whether the employee is dismissed or leaves the company voluntarily.

Due to the huge influence of recommendation portals, forums or social networks, in which the former employee could make negative comments, the company has everything to gain from parting on good terms with the departing employee and thus conducting a constructive exit interview for both parties.

A well-structured exit process to offboard employees will not only help employees to leave the company with respect but also help the company to reflect more deeply about the reasons for the employee's departure and therefore act to limit turnover. To help you in this process, kiwiHR offers you the opportunity to download a free offboarding checklist to ensure a smooth transition.

Simple and efficient onboarding and offboarding software

Reduce the time spent on HR management by almost 40%.

kiwiHR greatly simplifies HR administrative processes such as leave management, working time calculation as well as personnel files and company document sharing. You can also download HR reports at any time that clearly present this data. In general, the use of intelligent HR software can reduce the time spent on HR administrative tasks by up to 10 hours per week.

Data is managed in a single, centralised system. Data is stored and managed securely in a GDPR compliant system. If you are used to working with different internal tools or sheets, you will experience a real revolution by working with HR software that no longer requires you to update data manually.

Your benefits with kiwiHR

Employees can use the kiwiHR web application from any device. kiwiHR is ready to use and configuration is done in minutes. Forget about hidden and expensive installation fees. Use kiwiHR in English, German or French and optimise your workforce management.

You can test kiwiHR for 14 days free of charge and with no obligation. Start today and benefit from the constantly growing range of new features in our HRIS. Do you have any questions? Contact our consultants to book an online demo.

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