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What's on the other side of kiwiHR? Let us show you around

We will be happy to walk you through kiwiHR in a free online demo. The goal is to help you get a sense for our HR software in a short 30 minute online tour.

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How to arrange an online demo with us

Save your spot in less than a minute

No longer do you have to keep questions to yourself. Whether you are a newbie to HR software or tech-savvy, our highly trained staff will be happy to talk to you.

Click on "Schedule a demo"

Click on any "Schedule a demo" to go to our online agenda.

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Choose your preferred date and time

Once you access our agenda, you can save the spot of your preference. Confirm and done!

Wait for the big day

We'll send you a confirmation email with all the information and remind you about it.

We are here to help, not to sell

We are genuinely driven to help you achieve your organisational goals. Our main focus is to help you get out the most out of kiwiHR.

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We stick to our values

We are customer-focused and transparent. No matter what your questions are, you'll get point-blank honest answers. However complex or simple your requests are, we'll be happy to help.

Reliable and straightforward

Our support team is professional and highly trained. The team knows the tool from inside out. Thus, they will efficiently answer your questions so you are not left alone in the process.

Your success is our incentive

Our team does not get motivated with sales commission, rather your success. We want you to experience our product in the most delightful way without pressures.

Don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own

Investing 30 minutes of your time can help you save up to 10 working hours a week.

A team is available for you

Why try to figure out things on your own? Simply ask the experts and get your questions answered right away. Don't keep doubts to yourself.

The more you know the better

Even though kiwiHR is intuitive enough, a little help does not hurt anyone. Knowing the tool more will only help you get started more efficiently.

Save time during your trial

After the demo you can sign up for a free 14 day trial and invest the first couple of days already managing. Instead of figuring out the first steps by yourself.

Take a closer look to our HR software

We'd be happy to help you and show you how you can level up your HR management

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