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Overtime tracking

Keep track of time with overtime tracking

Make every hour count with overtime tracking. Save time and avoid errors with automatic calculations with kiwiHR's employee time tracking tool.

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Calculate overtime automatically

You won't need to be a math genius to get the right work hours, absence and overtime balances. kiwiHR's time and attendance system calculates everything for you, error-free.

  • Define employee's expected hours per week with work schedules
  • Create as many work schedules as needed
  • All employees can track time and overtime hours automatically
  • Define clear overtime rules
  • Calculate overtime pay easily with balances and payroll data

Better working time management

No more incomplete spreadsheets or reminding people to fill them in. Our time tracker is so easy to use people will understand it at once and love using it.

  • All team members can track time easily from the mobile app
  • Managers can oversee tasks closely with project time tracking
  • All employee work hours tracked in real-time

Get work-life balance insights

A complete time and attendance system should not only track employee hours, but also set the ground for a better work-life-balance.

  • Observe overtime balances with attendance statements
  • Spot trends such as presenteeism and export insights
  • Provide benefits like time in lieu and manage it using kiwiHR

Discover how HR software can simplify your processes

Save time with automated time and overtime tracking solutions

Why is overtime tracking so important

Overtime tracking is challeging, especially while working remotely, which has turned to be the standard nowadays. You shouldn't spend time tracking overtime with excel spreadsheets, risking to have errors and miscalculation. Our overtime tracking tool automatically calculates the overtime and all employee can easily access the information through the mobile app. It is essential for a company to have an online HR software such as kiwiHR and enjoy all the advantages of the absence management, time and attendance, sickness tracker and many other features. Help your team to be more productive and schedule an online demo today with kiwiHR.

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