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7 reasons why you should be using a time tracking app

Jazmin Lopez

Tracking the time of a large team of employees is no easy feat. Plus, you still have to ensure that each person is paid according to the accurate number of hours worked to comply with EU working time directive rules.

Manual time-tracking is not worth your energy or resources. The data from a modern time tracking software, though, could give you insight into your business's overall productivity. That's why it can be in your best interest to consider investing in a time tracking app for your business.

You can even use overtime records to spot employees who risk burnout on the job. Even experts recognise the damaging cost of excessive overtime.

Most importantly, a tracking app will be your best bet to track time accurately. Don’t think accuracy is a priority? Think again. The numbers on this infographic speak for themselves:


Why a time tracking app is your ideal solution

Consider the following seven reasons a time tracking app is your ideal solution.

1. Forget about the manual processes of time-tracking

In today's digital era, automated solutions like a timesheet app prioritise efficiency on every level. With a real-time tracking tool, it only takes seconds for the staff to clock in or out of work, and the system automatically measures the worked hours.

This automation provides a variety of benefits besides saving time. The information for each employee is recorded and presented in a clear, organised set of data.

This data allows you to analyse an employee's entire work history at the click of a button. Plus, there are a variety of benefits to optimising your business's human resources with digital solutions.

On top of noting when an employee is late or absent, you'll spot trends in presenteeism-- which is when an employee insists on showing up to work even when sick or unable to perform. This, though, can decrease workplace productivity, making it important for you to notice and stop.

2. Never worry about the headaches of spreadsheets again

The fact is, spreadsheets are outdated. Too many internal spreadsheets contain mistakes. Plus, when a formula has even a small error, that mistake is copied to every subsequent spreadsheet!

That's why using an automated spreadsheet from a time tracking app is so worthwhile. It's an unfortunate truth that humans, by default, make simple typing errors now and then. Instead of letting those mistakes cause even more stress in the long run, prevent them with an automated system.

3. Manage multiple schedules and employees with one system

It's no secret that it's difficult to keep track of employees requesting time off. With a timesheet app, though, the process is as easy as the click of a few buttons!

The time tracking app will allow you to ensure that every shift is covered at all times. By programming your business's needs when it comes to coverage, it doesn't matter who needs a day off. Later on, the tracking app will automatically calculate the subtracted or added time on the clock so you don't have to.


4. Tracking overtime will be automatic

You recognise how important it is to be accurate with tracking overtime, of course. Depending on your business's policy, a mistake in tracking employee overtime can cause a significant cost.

Consider the following study from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. It shows that in the last year, on average, employees worked a total of 34.4 overtime hours each week. If you don't want your business to suffer from reporting mistakes, you'll value the accuracy of an automatic time tracking tool.


5. Maintain a more thorough awareness of your employees' time at work

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employees are making the most of their time on the clock. Using a timesheet app, then, will allow you to track everything from their scheduled breaks to schedule inconsistencies.

You can take your observation a step further with a tracking app. Do so by requiring your employees to enter the time they start and stop working on each project throughout the day. That way, you can maintain high productivity throughout the workplace.

6. Don't waste more time fixing timesheet mistakes

Even with the timesheet app, by the way, employees will have complaints concerning their time at work. With an accurate time tracking app, though, you'll have accurate details of when an employee was on or off the clock.

The best part about this is it will keep everyone on the same page and prevent timesheet disputes. Plus, you won't have to spend countless time fixing and reporting timesheet mistakes. Instead, you can enter the fixed information into the time tracking app with just a few clicks.


7. Get Rid of "Buddy Punching"

You're familiar with "buddy punching." In the old days, it was common for employees to trust friends to clock them in if they were running late. It was difficult for businesses to catch and prevent this waste of company money. 

Time tracking software, on the other hand, provides options for your business to restrict buddy punching. That way, your business won't waste resources on an absent employee.

Invest in the ideal time tracking app to optimise your business's productivity

At this point in the article, you have a thorough understanding of the benefits of a time tracking app. Not only will it save you time on the managerial side of things. Plus, your employees will be grateful for an accurate, efficient way to track their time. 

Don't waste any more time using manual time-tracking, taking the risk of frequent mistakes. Instead, an automatic time tracking app can ensure you and your team members continue to stay on the same page.

Take advantage of this intuitive, all-encompassing HR software sooner rather than later. That's where we can come into play. We bring our clients the most optimised time tracking tool for human resources on the market. That's why we encourage you to consider our efficient time and attendance system visible on our website today.

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