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Preliminary payroll

All the data you need to run payroll flawlessly

Ensure compensation records and paysheets are error-free and ready on time. kiwiHR gathers all personnel data in one place to help you manage payroll stress-free.

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Payroll software kiwiHR

Eliminate chaos and mistakes from payroll

Collecting scattered payroll data from multiple systems is exhausting and too time-consuming to be efficient. Luckily, using kiwiHR payroll is easy. It takes only a few clicks to get your payroll run ready.

Stay always on track

It's easy to overlook changes in employee data or compensation when preparing payroll in a spreadsheet. Get a clear overview and quickly spot changes on personnel data and compensation.

Take the hassle out of payroll

Simplify communication between HR and accountants by keeping compensation records in one place. Monthly salaries, hourly rates, bonuses and additional payments.

Avoid wasting time and mistakes

Forget about working with scattered and outdated data. Start saving time with a unified HR system by ensuring your data is up to date and ready for payroll.

Easy payroll management with kiwiHR

Ready to make peace with payroll?

kiwiHR makes paying your employees an enjoyable experience for everyone. By providing accurate data to produce payslips, you'll keep incorrect payment complaints away.

All compensation data at a glance

Easily find personal and compensation data in a single view. kiwiHR pulls out relevant payroll data from the employee digital files for you.

Always up to date records

Get a clear overview on your employees' compensation history in a clean interface. Personnel data changes are always up to date when preparing payroll.

Error-free paysheets

Ensure paysheets data is accurate and complete on time. kiwiHR highlights changes on compensation records and alerts you to review paysheets before closing pay runs.

Streamline your payroll processes

Easily export all employees' preliminary payroll data and share it with accountants. Employees can also download their paysheet directly from their individual payroll portal.

Make the switch to HR software

Manage employee wages stress-free and get your time back

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Absence management

Manage time off on the fly

Time and attendance

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