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Payroll system

Perfectly ready for pay-day with payroll system

Be ready for payroll on time with accurate payroll information. kiwiHR gathers all necessary data to run pay and generate payslips in one place so you can manage payroll stress-free.

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Everyone will welcome the increased payroll data accuracy

Keep time spent on payroll admin to a minimum with a central database. Find all the information you need to process payroll, salary data and other relevant records in one place.

  • All payroll information and bank information neatly organised and safely stored
  • Allow staff to update their own payroll information with employee self service
  • Keep salary and additional pay records accurate and ready to be rolled out
  • Give staff and managers a transparent pay overview and clear out any questions

Get payroll ready on time without the stress

Did you know payroll mistakes can lead to higher turnover? Increase job satisfaction and keep people happy with accurate payroll data that ensures timely payroll

  • No more delays in payroll. With pay run you won't miss a thing, just check and go!
  • Spot changes and review at a glance during pay run review
  • Calculate pay easier with paysheets automatically filled with PTO, working hours and more

Make pay-day something to look forward to

Everyone already loves payday, but now everyone can also enjoy the days prior. Make preparing pay-day a breeze with an eased payroll process and pay records that are crystal clear for staff.

  • Enhance payroll and HR communication with one-click data exports and easy sharing
  • It's payday and your employees will know it as soon as payslips are uploaded
  • Make pay crystal clear and let staff view their own paysheets and payslips online

Reward the hard work and make your employer brand shine

Give your employees the pay they deserve, recognise your employees and reward them for their loyalty. Thanks to kiwiHR you can ensure equity across the company and stay competitive in your industry.

  • Get a complete overview of an employee's salary history and ensure they're paid fairly
  • Spot loyal employees or top performers and reward their hard work with bonuses
  • Ramp up your employee retention with additional pay and see the impact with headcount reports

Payroll management software designed to make payday stress-free

kiwiHR makes paying your employees an enjoyable experience for everyone. By providing accurate data to produce payslips, you'll keep incorrect payment complaints away.

  • Banking and payroll information
  • Secure and GDPR compliant
  • Timely payroll with pay runs
  • Salary, bonus, one-time payments
  • Data change alerts
  • Digital paysheets available 24/7
  • Payroll data export
  • Payslips upload and download
  • Salary overview and history

Discover how HR software can simplify your processes

Manage employee wages stress-free and get your time back

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplifying the payroll procedure

Preliminary payroll is one of the tasks that require a lot of time from HR managers, especially in small businesses. Escape the confusion with paper-based data for payroll services, avoid double entries and mistakes and save time. Having all the data centrally stored and updated in a employee database can be extremely helpful. Salary, hours worked, benefits, deductions and all the information regarding payment flows into your payroll software and the only task required is to check and approve.

Enable your staff to own their HR data

Allow employee self-service. Letting them insert data on their own in the services portal is a key to build trust and support the team. It is important to let them put in information such as changes in civil status or addresses. They also want to have the chance to actively track any employee compensation and benefits they will be granted. Additional payment details can be easily discussed through the system too and payslips can be downloaded from their digital personnel file.

All in one system

The tools you need for employee management are all provided by kiwiHR in a simple and easy-to-use software, that gathers:

Among other hr software features.

Start today and benefit from the ever-growing range of functions within kiwiHR. You can test kiwiHR for 14 days without any obligations and completely free of charge. Start today and benefit from the ever-increasing HR software.

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