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Bring everyone in a single people system

Give your people access to their own HR portal. Make employee records maintenance and people management a breeze thanks to employee self-service.

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People system kiwiHR
Almost 5000 users already benefit from Employee Self-Service

Drowning under mountains of paperwork is painful

Three out of four companies use isolated solutions to manage employee data. Why not centralise them into a secure people system?

Paper employee files are time wasters

HR staff spends up to 25% of their time only managing employee data. This is a problem when trying to focus on more important tasks.

Data loss is only a matter of time

Updating employee data can quickly end in chaos. With 75% of SMEs managing information in isolated systems, there's a high risk of losing data.

Make a change and relieve managers

Nearly 80% of decision makers are willing to provide with smart HR software.

HR manager drowning in paper

All employee information in a secure people system

Keep sensitive employee data safe in one place with HR software. Using a people system will save you time and prevents data loss.

No more searching in folders

Save time and find current employee information. Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based people system.

Delegate HR tasks effectively

Improve productivity with Employee Self-Service. Each employee can complete their own personal data, helping the HR manager do their job.

Access anytime, from anywhere

Make relevant data accessible 24/7. Employees can access the people system, view or change relevant data using any device.

Secure and compliant data for all

Increase data security and compliance. Employees can only view and edit data they're allowed to access, complying with the GDPR.

The dynamic duo you need: Employee Self-Service and People system

Keep personnel information always current by allowing employees to update their own data. Both the people system and employee self-service make employee records maintenance easy.

Reduce administrative effort

Save time switching from isolated systems to centralised people system. Start managing employee information in single employee database.

Relieve executives

Overwhelming over outdated data is over. Allow your employees to update their own personal information. Take the workload off your shoulders with employee self-service.

Stop worrrying about privacy

Make sure the right people access the right information with permission roles. All data in kiwiHR is GDPR compliant.

Discover the many benefits of a people system

Maintain digital employee records always up to date

Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

HR admin activities can be really time consuming, up to a staggering 700 hours annually. Having an automated system saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage. Start now and make a difference!

  • Digital personnel files
  • Employee directory
  • Employee self-service
  • Social media integration
  • Clear corporate structure
  • GDPR compliant
  • Employee profile
  • Individual control access
  • Data import and export

More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

Insightful company resources

Consolidate important information

Effortless time off management

Manage time off on the fly

Employee onboarding with a plan

Make new hires' first day perfect

Organise your team into a single people system with kiwiHR

kiwiHR combines numerous benefits in one centralised people system. Enjoy the advantages of a modern HR software solution and streamline your human resource management. kiwiHR is sure to enhance your human resource management. Consider kiwiHR an additional HR clerk. kiwiHR handles administrative tasks and simplifies the communication between managers and employees.

Define your corporate structure on kiwiHR in seconds. All you need to do is add employees and assign them roles, teams and locations. The role assigned to an employee impacts the data an employee can access on kiwiHR. You can take a closer look to role permissions here. Team managers can see and edit information from their team members. In the meanwhile, team members can only see their own data and their colleagues' public data. This is in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Every employee to onboard to kiwiHR acquires a unique login. This will enable each of them to use the employee self-service feature to access and fill their own data.  You can entrust kiwiHR's safe HRMS with important data. Everything from compensation information to health insurance company.

What the personnel file includes:

Good people management requires complete personnel files. A personnel file includes personal data. For example, name, date of birth, contact details, emergency contact, or marital status. Other relevant HR data are also available. For example, probation period start and end date, salary information, employment contract, offboarding documents, or social security number. The personnel file includes all information relating to human resources. It allows better personnel management. With kiwiHR, you'll find all employee information in a GDPR compliant people system. What's more, kiwiHR puts data from the people system to use. Employees' birthdays and work anniversaries, will show up on your company's calendar. Celebrating and recognising employees is essential to enhance company culture and employee retention.

Employee database and key contacts

Find all employee information in a single people system. You can jump from one employee profile to another using the User Switching button. Gather all contact information into a single employee database. Moreover, you can define key contacts for teams. This provides a quick and easy access to contact information.

kiwiHR's people system is available on all devices

Your employees can use kiwiHR at any time from any device, which makes it possible to use the software 24/7. For instance, if an employee has to report sick, they can request sick leave from their mobile. Leave requests can be submitted at any time using the absence management software. In turn, managers will receive and approve or decline time off requests can also be submitted at any time and the team manager can respond accordingly. This expedites the decision-making process and greatly simplifies the communication within your teams.

When not off, they can track their working hours and overtime using kiwiHR’s time and attendance software. kiwiHR calculates overtime hours by subtracting tracked hours from the expected hours. Managers define working days and expected working hours when setting up work schedules. Thus, total working hours and overtime calculations are error-free.

Additionally, the resource management system enhances teams' productivity and communication. You can share important corporate documents with your team. This is also the place where you can assign equipment to employees. You can use this section for the onboarding process.

In addition to sharing important company documents, you can also share HR analytics reports.

Take advantage of our 14 day free trial of kiwiHR without any restrictions. Sign up today and optimise your human resource management with kiwiHR. If you'd like more information,you can schedule an online demo to get a closer look to our HR software.

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