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Employee database

Everything you need in a single HR database

No more stumbling upon paper files, find everything in one secure HR portal. Plus, take the day to day workload off your shoulders and enable people to access and update their own personal information.

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All essential data in one employee directory

Find everything you need in no time from employees personal and HR data to documents in a single employee records database

  • Keep all personal and HR data stored securely 24/7 in one place
  • Give yourself room to breathe and store documents in digital personnel files
  • Let people fill out their own data to increase data accuracy and save time
  • Put a face to every name and connect people easily with a modern employee directory

Focus back on your people

With less HR admin, you can put your people first, again. Thanks to the complete employee lifecycle overview, you can manage staff members at every stage, increase retention and employer branding internally and externally.

  • Set employment dates to help you plan the welcome your staff deserves
  • Keep important employee feedback in mind with confidential notes
  • Don't miss a chance to show appreciation with work anniversaries or birthdays

Know your company inside out

With reports, you can make adjustments along the way to ensure people are happy, fairly compensated or simply to visualise hiring or turnover trends

  • Plan events, onboarding or offboarding in advance with seniority, headcount and new hires reports
  • Close pay gaps and provide competitive salaries with payroll history records
  • Spot missing records at a glance and comply with HR data compliance

Put compliance and security concerns behind you

Protecting your most valuable asset, your people and ensuring their HR data stays confidential, safe and GPDR compliant will no longer keep you awake thanks to kiwiHR

  • Prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands with access control
  • You comply with regulations and we protect data following GDPR rules
  • Sleep soundly knowing your data is always protected with security industry standards

Keep an overview of your teams

Insights into team structures and responsibilities supports you in strategic personnel planning.

  • The organizational chart gives you an overview of all teams and structures in the company.
  • In our HR software, responsibilities are clearly defined so that corporate structures can be perfectly mapped.
  • With simple filter options, you can always find the right contact person.

All employee information in a secure employee database software

You can scratch HR admin off your to-do list and free up time with our user-friendly employee database management software. Your employees will enjoy having control over their HR data and you will love the increased data accuracy and time savings!

  • Digital personnel files
  • Employee directory
  • Employee self-service
  • HR database
  • Clear organisational structure
  • GDPR compliant
  • Employee profile
  • Access control
  • Data import and export

Discover how HR software can simplify your processes

Make HR compliance one less thing to worry about

Frequently Asked Questions

Bring everyone together into one employee database

Enjoy the advantages of a cloud-based HR software solution and streamline your human resource management. kiwiHR handles administrative tasks and simplifies the communication between the HR team and employees with a digital personnel database.

What is an HR database?

HR database is a plataform used by HR professionals that integrates all the personal information of your employees. Good staff management requires complete personnel files. A personnel file includes personal data such as name, date of birth, contact details, emergency contact, job titles, or marital status. Other relevant HR data are also available. For example, probation period start and end date, salary information, employment contract, offboarding documents, or social security number.

What the digital personnel file includes:

The personnel file includes all information relating to human resources. With kiwiHR, the database for employee information is GDPR compliant employee database system. What's more, kiwiHR puts data from the employee database system to use. Employees' birthdays and work anniversaries, will show up on your company's calendar. Celebrating and recognising employees is essential to enhance company culture and employee retention.

Employee database and key contacts

Find all employee information in a single people system. You can jump from one employee profile to another using the User Switching button. Gather all contact information into a single employee database. Moreover, you can define key contacts for teams. This provides quick and easy access to contact information.

Available on all devices

Your employees can use kiwiHR at any time from any device, which makes it possible to use the software 24/7. For instance, if an employee has to report sick, they can request sick leave from their mobile through our sickness tracker.

More than just HR data

kiwiHR's employee information software not only facilitates the worker's information but also documents attendance and leave records. Thanks to our time and attendance system and absence management software, employees can track their working hours, overtime and request leave.

Additionally, you can share important corporate documents with your team. This is also the place where you can assign equipment to employees and it's especially useful during the onboarding process. In addition to sharing important company documents, you can also share HR analytics reports where you can spot working overtime, presenteeism, absenteeism trends, or even employee turnover.

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