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kiwiHR helps small and medium sized businesses manage employees' records, time off and working hours. Save valuable time and resources with easy-to-use HR Software. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes without any set up costs.

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Boost your HR Management with kiwiHR

Take control of your employee records

Green your business with paperless human resources management. All your employees data organized in one secure place, everything from emergency contacts to healthcare. Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and embrace kiwiHR's easy to use and seamless employee management.

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Time-off management made easy

Say goodbye to unwieldy notes and lists. kiwiHR automates and processes all kinds of requests within seconds. Time-off balances are automatically updated.

  • Instant time-off requests and validation
  • Automatically updated time-off balances

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Transparent time tracking

kiwiHR records the daily working hours from employees with just a few clicks. Start time, end time and everything in between can all be conveniently entered and edited, if necessary. The automatic comparison between scheduled hours and hours actually worked allows for reliable and accurate overtime calculation, leaving question marks out of the formula.

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What our customers love about kiwiHR

Stefan Kratzert
CEO, Sonixc

My favorite thing about kiwiHR is how intuitive and visual the platform is. Maintaining an overview of my employees' personal data and absences is immensely precious and takes no time. My staff appreciates the added transparency which leaves no questions unanswered.


The highly user-friendly and intuitive interface grants your team easy access and use to the HRIS software.

Responsive design

Access all of kiwiHR’s features seamlessly from any device – tablet, smartphone or desktop.

Free configuration

Get started without any costs or complicated set up and optimize your HR processes today.

Security and data protection

We take cyber security very seriously. Our smart HR software uses industry-leading encryption technologies to safeguard corporate data. Your employees’ confidential data will be stored and protected in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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About kiwiHR

We have made it our mission to offer affordable HR solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises while providing for the highest security and ease-of-use standards.