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HR digitalisation in startups - Lémasonn Consulting

Aude Creveau
Aude Creveau

“Not only are we not the same, but we are also different…”

What does Lémasonn consulting do?

We are a small startup specialized in the fields of strategy, marketing, communication and digital consulting. We are proudly based in Rouen and just like our Viking ancestors, we have a sacred spirit of conquest. We love to create memorable digital experiences for our clients thanks to an incredible strategic vision and an incomparable sense for design.

Who is your workforce and who manages human resources?

We are currently 10 employees managed by Orlane the superb right hand of the CEO. To master the entire marketing and communication value chain, we have 2 strategic marketing consultants, 1 marketing intelligence officer, 1 growth hacker, 1 project manager, 1 content marketing manager, 1 community manager, 1 UI / UX designer, 1 motion designer and 1 360 ° communication manager.

What were your HR issues before using kiwiHR?

Before kiwiHR, we used Outlook messaging to notify our remote days, send payslips, take leave, prevent and justify sick leave. These emails were regularly lost in the flow. We had no visibility of who was in the office or telecommuting. You had to look on the payslip to know the balance of paid leave and going from 2 to 10 team players at once definitely required better HR management.

Why did you choose kiwiHR to help you with your HR management?

We are very sensitive to the UI, so having a very modern, simple and clean design that matched our vision and mindset was a determining factor. The facilitated ergonomics (UX) resulted in the tool being accepted by the team very quickly. What's more, we often say to our clients “Focus on your core business, let us act and enjoy the results!”. This is also why we chose kiwiHR: everyone is a specialist in their field, and kiwiHR does that very well on the HR software part :)

How was the implementation of kiwiHR in your company?

Most employees learned how to use it very quickly, without any special training, and so the implementation was very easy. I think that's the secret to a good UI / UX, and that's great about kiwiHR. And the icing on the cake, having a Customer Success Manager like Sébastien Kirsch, who is very responsive and knows his job well, is really a plus. When we have questions, it's like having a living FAQ :)

What benefits do you get from kiwiHR?

The kiwiHR application saves us a lot of time organising the company: Remote requests are now just one click away. The team can find answers to their most frequent questions on kiwiHR: "How much paid leave do I have left", etc. Certainly, this saves me a lot of time, because it saves me from receiving emails on HR matters. Team members are also more relaxed thanks to global visibility on the company's HR activities.

What is LEMASONN Consulting's next HR challenge?

We are in the process of moving from a startup to a scale-up, which means that finding talent to bring an unparalleled experience to our clients remains a major challenge. This is why we have appointed a chief happiness officer in charge of our employer brand. As such, kiwiHR is an interesting tool for internal communication.

3 words to qualify LEMASONN Consulting and kiwiHR


Fast - Fun - Serious


Practical - Ergonomic - Affordable

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