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Sickness tracker

Spot trends with employee sickness tracker

Stay prepared for the unexpected with kiwiHR's employee sickness tracker. Manage incoming sickness requests in one click. All team members will be aware of the absence thanks to the shared company calendar.

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Manage unplanned absences with ease

Control and manage people's sick days without the hassle. With kiwiHR you will always stay on top of absence management in all situations thanks to the leave tracking system.

  • Let staff request their sick leave and upload sick notes on their own
  • Approve leave requests in one click or automatically
  • Show planned absences without risking privacy compliance
  • All sick notes and fit notes in one place

Control sickness absence

Every person in your company has different needs and our leave tracking system is fully adaptable. All leave policies including sickness allow for flexibility and are fit for managing short term and long term absences.

  • Define sick days' allowance, approval process and approvers
  • Manage sickness entitlements for teams and individuals in a swift
  • All sickness records are automatically calculated as well as other absence types

Monitor employee wellbeing

Our leave tracking system not only tracks and records absences, it also turns them into useful leave usage reports that can help you uncover potential issues or spot trends.

  • Identify illness patterns with leave usage reports
  • Export all leave records or filter by type and date at once
  • Spot absenteeism at an early stage


Get started on efficient sickness management

Sickness tracker designed to meet your needs

Upgrade your company's sickness management with our user-friendly leave management system. Your employees will appreciate the simplified sickness approval process.

  • Leave requests and approvals in one click
  • Sick days entitlements
  • Company calendar
  • Privacy compliant
  • Absence records export
  • Available on mobile
  • Sick and fit notes documentation
  • Automatic sick days calculation
  • Clear rules with customisable sickness policies

Sickness tracker for employee management

It can be overwhelming to work with a team when there are suddenly a lot of employees missing due to different types of leave. In some cases it could be an urgent issue and it was not possible to notify the team beforehand, but in most of the cases this problem could be tackled with the use of HR software. A sickness tracker can be extremely helpful for your HR management, alongside with absence managementtime and attendance and employee database features. It is important to encourage your team to be honest with themselves and the company and request for sick leave when needed, to also avoid preseenteism. Employees working when they are ill cause harm not only to their health but also to the company, increasing chances of errors and descreasing productivity. Book a demo today with kiwiHR and find out more about our sickness tracker and many other features.

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