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All the features of Slack in kiwiHR

Get daily absence summaries, allow employees to request leave directly on Slack, and forget about external company calendars or spreadsheets - keep track of absences in one place. Are you ready to take HR admin out of isolation?

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Manage CVs and recruiting in a flash

Recruitment is an important process for companies. To scan applications and make the right choices, Flatchr centralises your processes to make them as easy as downloading a movie to Netflix.

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Cover the whole employee lifecycle in one place

From job offer to hiring, Softgarden helps you find the right talent. After hiring, kiwiHR takes over for the day-to-day management of the employees.

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Powerful software that makes recruitment easy

Recruitee is the collaborative hiring software that delivers the complete solution to help internal HR teams work with the rest of their organisation to hire better together.

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