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New compensation types, company document folders and time off type colours

In this update, we introduce additional compensation types to give you a way to store bonus and additional salary records in their profile. Company document folders will help you organise shared files. Additionally, we have introduced time off type colour customisation and refined calendar legend. Last, but not least; from now on you can export data from project time tracking report.

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Employee notes support, overtime statement and new time off rules

In this update, we introduce employee notes to give you a way to store private notes about employees in their profile. Company overtime statement and improved balance page will help you stay on top of employees' overtime balances. Additionally, we have added new time off type rules to manage usage limits and time off days. Last, but not least; from now on any user can set their account language.

  • Time off

  • Attendance

Remote work support, time and attendance on mobile and sneak peek

In this update, we introduce Remote as a time off type to streamline work from home support and attendance records access on mobile devices. Additionally, we have improved accrual allowance setting, enhanced break autofill, and made submitting time off requests even easier.

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