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Close the gaps in your company using HR analytics reports

Implement HR analytics in your organisation successfully using insightful HR analytics reports. Spot the weak parts in your organisation early enough to support an informed future planning.

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HR analytics reports from kiwiHR

Breaking down important data is a real challenge

It takes an Excel expert and lots of time to create and update reports. There are too many important metrics to keep track of that it's almost impossible to successfully gather them all and generate accurate data.

Collect all the HR data you need in seconds

Don't be caught unprepared. Be a step ahead with a well thought future planning thanks to the HR analytics reports.

Getting the right data makes you a better manager

Employees are healthier and more productive when they have a good work-life balance. Your responsibility as an HR manager is to make sure that not too much overtime is accumulated. Using HR analytics reports helps you spot these trends.

Employee loses overview of HR analytics

HR analytics reports break down big data for you

With kiwiHR you will soon be able to get your hands on what really matters. Fill in the gaps in your business and get started with HR analytics reports.

Never work with spreadsheets again

Save the headache of working out formulas and get HR analytics reports on autopilot with kiwiHR.

Generate insightful reports in seconds

Sit back and enjoy automatically generated HR analytics reports. Get a quick overview of worked hours, overtime, missing employees' data, and more in just seconds.

Accurate and precise numbers

Take mistakes out of the formula. HR analytics reports collect all records made and disseminate them into useful information.

Strengthen your business with HR metrics

Instantly identify gaps in your company and share key metrics. HR analytics reports are your first step towards data-driven decision making and efficient people analytics.

What are you waiting for?

Streamline your HR tasks today with kiwiHR

More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

People system

All personnel data in one place

Absence management

Manage time off on the fly

Onboarding process

Make new hires' first day perfect

HR processes in small and medium-sized companies

In almost 3 out of 4 companies with a size of less than 50 employees, executives perform HR tasks. This leads to a double burden on managers in the company, which should be avoided. In addition to the double burden, there is no question that HR tasks are essential for the success of the company. Therefore, having HR tasks performed “on the side” by untrained staff, is not advisable.

Due to the additional workload that arises from the HR tasks, it is not surprising that HR professionals are looking for HR solutions to perform these tasks more efficiently. kiwiHR was created to solve this problem. kiwiHR optimises and automates HR tasks and enables all employees to work efficiently and more productively. At the same time, smart HR software can easily close any technical gaps.

How HR analytics reports help you get started with HR analytics

HR systems today are able to break down big data into useful predictive analytics. HR analytics, also called workforce analytics, helps companies to extract data from HR analytics reports and to connect them with other indicators. This allows employees to draw conclusions about employee engagement and performance which in turn can be important for contract negotiations or strategic HR decisions.

HR analytics reports allow you to make informed decisions. A successful HR analytics strategy will help you identify weaknesses and opportunities in your company at an early stage, before it’s too late.

Why implementing HR analytics reports makes sense

By using HR analytics reports , you’ll enable managers to make decisions based on solid data analytics and facts. Data from HR analytics reports help individual employees and teams to better assess their work performance. The insights resulting from HR analytics reports are limitless. A need for a quality onboarding process can result, for instance, from an undesirable employee turnover rate. In addition, other relevant data from HR analytics reports such as age and gender can help you increase diversity in the workplace .

HR reports included:

  • Actual worked hours per employee
  • Excessive overtime
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee headcount
  • Seniority
  • New hires
  • Age

Up to 40% less work for HR processes

kiwiHR optimises important HR administrative tasks such as absence management software , time and attendance software and personnel files maintenance thanks to people system. The HR dashboard allows companies to visualise planned absences, leave requests, out of office previews and upcoming holidays and celebrations.

Studies show that the use of smart HR software can reduce the workload of administrative tasks by almost 10 hours a week. This increases employee performance and enables the HR department to focus on more important tasks. In addition, HR software also clears out any legal concerns. As required by German law, kiwiHR is a GDPR compliant HR software. Therefore, you will no longer need to wrap your head around privacy policy laws. A quick setup and an intuitive interface enables employees to easily get familiar with kiwiHR and embrace a digital transformation . Companies might still be hesitating to implement a digital workplace, but saving time and resources is something you should not hesitate about. 

Your benefits with kiwiHR

kiwiHR is available as a web app on all devices and can be downloaded as a native app on your mobile. Setup takes only a few minutes and enables employees to enjoy the full range of functions in German, English or French.

You can also try kiwiHR for free for 14 days, or have a guided tour around the tool with one of our product experts during an online demo . Get started today and benefit from kiwiHR’s continuously growing HR software.

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