Flatchr + kiwiHR: the perfect combination for your HR management

Thanks to these two HR tools, you will cover the entire life cycle of your company's employees. From job posts offers to the preparation of payslips, Flatchr and kiwiHR offer you easily a 360° HR management. Save time and work efficiently by opting for these ergonomic and intuitive solutions.

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Flatchr + kiwiHR: A 360° HR management

Save countless hours of work by combining the benefits of Flatchr recruiting software and kiwiHR HRIS. Integrate new employee data collected automatically during the recruitment process into the HR software. Get rid of data double entry and save time!

Flatchr: the perfect tool for recruiting

Fast recruitment - Multicasting of advertisements - Career sites - CV management - Hunting functionality

kiwiHR: perfect for HR management

Leave management - Attendance tracking - Document management - Payroll preparation - HR indicators

What you get from Flatchr + kiwiHR

Daily time savings - Streamlining of HR processes - Excellent employee experience - Enhanced employer brand

A simple way to manage HR

Thanks to the combination of Flatchr and kiwiHR

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Focus on your job, kiwiHR has your HR management covered.

Shift your focus back to your business and leave consuming HR processes behind your back.

People system

All HR data in one place

Time and attendance

Track hours in just seconds

Absence management

Manage time off on the fly


Make new hires' first days perfect

HR reports

Start making informed decisions


Smooth and stress-free pay runs

Expense management

Manage all employee expenses in one place

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