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Make kiwiHR more powerful with Slack

Connect kiwiHR and your Slack workspace to upgrade your HR management

How kiwiHR + Slack help you build the ultimate HR workflow

Connect your Slack and kiwiHR teams to deliver the utmost experience in HR administration for all

Who's out of office at a glance

kiwiHR sends a summary of who's out of office into Slack every morning. Who's out of office includes who's sick, who's on training, and who's working from home or from another office location.

All time off requests in one place

Make requesting time off easier for everyone. Your team will love requesting time off directly from Slack.

No more app switching hoop

Forget about external company calendars or spreadsheets, Slack and kiwiHR will keep everyone on the loop without the app switching hoop by showing all absences in a single place

Connecting kiwiHR with Slack is easy

Get started with instant time off requests and always up to date absences in no time

1. Open integrations page from your profile

Simply log in to your kiwiHR account, click on your avatar's profile to activate dropdown menu and select "Integrations"

2. Click "Connect"

Once you're on the Slack integration page is opened, click on "Connect"

3. Allow kiwiHR Slack app

Accept permissions to grant kiwiHR access to your workspace

4. You're all set!

Did you get a message on Slack from us? Then you're all set! All existing absences will instantly show up on your channel

Focus on your business. kiwiHR will handle the rest.

Automate administrative HR tasks and refocus on what you do best with powerful HR software

People system

All HR data in one place

Time and attendance

Track hours in just seconds

Absence management

Manage time off on the fly


Make new hires' first day perfect

Take HR admin out of isolation

kiwiHR and Slack work better together

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