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Bank holidays for 2020: get the most out of them!

Frank Mittag
Frank Mittag

They say we're all just working for the weekend. Unfortunately, it's hard to get that much out of just two days. You need time to rest and get your life organised before heading back to work on Monday.

Since we can't get as much annual leave as we might like, it makes sense to take full advantage of our bank holidays. 

If you just take a little time to plan ahead, you'll be enjoying fantastic trips during bank holidays next year that will make you the envy of the office. Read on to learn more about holidays in the UK for 2020.

Life is short, make the most out of bank holidays

Sure, you could stay at home watching footy or whatever tickles your fancy. But let's be honest. When you're older and looking back on your life, how many of your bank holidays were truly memorable?

It's never too late to start living your best life. Let's look at when bank holidays are and the best places to visit if you are living in England or in the United States.

Mark the bank holidays on your calendar

Be careful not to wait too long to plan a bank holiday weekend. If you forget until the week before, it may be too late to plan anything too ambitious, and this can cause chaos at the office. Fortunately, kiwHR's absence management software includes all bank holidays and it's ideal for scheduling around bank holidays and long weekends. Here are some suggestions to help you plan your holidays and long weekends for the whole 2020 year:

UK bank holidays 2020


New Year's Day Wednesday, January 1st

  • Thursday, January 2nd & Friday, January 3rd

Good Friday Friday, April 10th

  • Monday April 6th - Thursday April 9th

Early May bank holiday (VE day) Friday, May 8th

  • Monday, May 4th - Thursday, May 7th

Spring bank holiday Monday, May 25th

  • Tuesday, May 26th - Friday, May 29th

Christmas day Friday December 25th

  • Monday, December 21st - Thursday, December 24th

Boxing day Monday December 28th

  • Tuesday, December 29th - Thursday, December 31st

Scotland bank holidays 2020

2nd January Thursday, January 2nd

  • Friday, January 3rd

August bank holiday Monday, August 3rd

  • Tuesday, August 4th - Friday, August 7th

St. Andrew's day Monday, November 30th

  • Tuesday, December 1st - Friday, December 4th

Northern Ireland bank holidays 2020

St. Patrick's day Tuesday, March 17th

  • Monday, March 16th

Battle of the Boyne Monday, July 13th

  • Tuesday, July 14th - Friday, July 17th

England, Wales, Northern Ireland bank holidays 2020

Easter Monday Monday, April 13th. 

  • Tuesday, April 14th - Friday, April 17th

August bank holiday Monday, August 31st

  • Tuesday, September 1st - Friday, September 4th

Quarter #1 of the year

New Year's Day of 2020 actually fell on Wednesday, so that was not ideal for a long weekend. Fortunately, next year it will fall on a Friday. Moving on, we will enjoy a whopping four day weekend, thanks to Good Friday and Easter Monday. They fall on the 10th and the 13th of April, respectively.

These are both popular holidays in the UK for travel, so be sure to book ahead of time.

The month of May

In May, there are two UK bank holidays that create long weekends. Early May bank holiday, or VE day, falls on Friday, May 8th, while Spring bank holiday falls on Monday, May 25th.

Summer done right

Who says you can't enjoy a summer vacation in the UK? OK, maybe you won't get the hot sunny days or the exotic locales like Costa Rica, but there are several summer UK holidays that will give us a few long weekends.

North Ireland celebrates The Twelfth to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne on Friday, July 12th. Monday, August 3rd is when Scotland celebrates Spring bank holiday. The UK otherwise celebrates it on Monday, August 31st.

This is a popular bank holiday weekend that allows many people a chance to explore one of the lovely coastal regions the UK has to offer.

Closing out the year

Fortunately, Christmas and Boxing Day will make be responsible for a 4 day bank holiday weekend.  The Scottish will celebrate St. Andrew's day on Monday, November 30, but that's about it for bank holidays.


US bank holidays 2020

New Year's Day Wednesday, January 1st

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, January 20th

George Washington’s Birthday Monday, February 17

Memorial Day Monday, May 25th

Independence Day Friday, July 3rd

Labor Day Monday, September 7th

Columbus Day Monday, October 12th

Veterans Day Wednesday, November 11th

Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 26th

Christmas day Friday December 25th

Create your own four day weekend

Most 2020 public holidays in the United States fall on Fridays and Mondays. If a three day weekend is not enough, take a look at these suggestions to make yourr own four day weekend:

New Year's Day Wednesday, January 1st

  • Thursday, January 2nd & Friday, January 3rd

Veterans Day Wednesday, November 11th

  • Thursday, November 12th & Friday, November 13th

Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 26th

  • Friday, November 27th

Make the most of your bank holidays

Now you have several options to spend your bank holidays in 2020. You really should take a chance to talk to some of your close family and friends to see when you can coordinate a trip — you certainly have enough time and take full advantage of the Monday bank holidays if you start planning soon!

If you are an HR manager, you need to know about kiwiHR. It's the perfect HR system for scheduling around long weekends and many other workplace dilemmas.

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