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kiwiHR meets Barack Obama at Bits & Pretzels

Jazmin Lopez

Yes, you read it right, kiwiHR met President Obama. Our HR software founder, Reza Madjidi, attended Bits & Pretzels on September 29th, where Barack Obama was the keynote speaker and delivered an inspiring message revolving around impact. 

Obama was received on stage with loud applause around 11:30 am for the opening speech. The conversation developed smoothly among jokes that showed he has lost none of his charisma. As it is tradition with Bits & Pretzels speakers, Obama was asked if he was wearing lederhosen, to which he replied he tried them on in the hotel room and continued with a laugh: “But I’ll only wear it for Michelle privately.”

Although the Bits & Pretzels conference takes place during the Oktoberfest and Obama previously expressed his wish to attend the Oktoberfest, a visit was not planned. The former president went on to explain he would have had to put on a moustache in order to not be recognised. Sure, being a former US president, visiting the Wiesn incognito is a pretty difficult task.

As expected, more important topics such as climate change, environmental protection, and political drift of society, and making an impact were also brought to the table. 

The quote that inspired us the most?

"Change rarely comes on its own, each of us has to play their part in it. To all startups and founders: let’s take the challenge and drive the change of tomorrow."

- Barack Obama

Cover picture taken by Marco Verch. Original photo and license.

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