Holiday planner for employees

The ready-to-use excel staff holiday planner for 2020

The staff holiday planner 2019 excel gives your employees a clear and time-saving leave planner. Avoid employee shortages and use the kiwiHR holiday planner 2019.

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The importance of a transparent leave planner for employees

Administrative human resources activities such as leave planning take up to 10 hours of work per week. You can considerably reduce the working time required for leave planning and at the same time ensure more transparency.

Avoid staff shortages during the holiday season or questions about current holiday leave balances. Reduce the potential for mistakes when planning your employees' annual leave with the free kiwiHR Excel staff holiday planner.

Click on "Download" after you have entered your information and take advantage of the simple template and automatic formulas.

What’s inside for you:

  • Time-saving template for holiday planning
  • Avoid staff shortages
  • Clear absences overview
  • Reduce paper consumption 

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