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Offboarding checklists

Employee offboarding checklist template

Organise a professional employee exit process with a structured offboarding process. The kiwiHR offboarding checklist will guide you through this important step for the company and the departing employee.

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3 good reasons to implement an offboarding process

Stress-free and professional departure

Using the offboarding checklist enables you to effectively manage the exit process and ensures that the employee's departure is structured and organised. Thanks to the customisable kiwiHR offboarding checklist, you'll be able to stay professional until the last day.

Better employee experience

Making a constructive professional assessment of the responsibilities handled by the departing employee makes it possible to highlight their achievements and skills during their employment. Ensuring a smooth exit process is therefore an essential step that enriches the employee experience.

Positive employer brand

Because your employees are your best ambassadors, leaving a professional relationship in good terms only benefits everyone. A successful offboarding process leaves former employees a good lasting impression of your company and encourages them to share their positive experience among their professional and personal networks.

An employee offboarding checklist for every scenario:

  • Resignation of an employee
  • Dismissal of an employee
  • Retirement of an employee

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