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Say hello to kiwiHR Plus! 👋

Aude Creveau
Aude Creveau

kiwiHR Plus has been unveiled. A faster, more intuitive, and complete way to get your HR tasks done. Meet kiwiHR plus!

Customers at kiwiHR share with us one of two success stories. kiwiHR has either helped them to get HR tasks done correctly and on time, or it has allowed them to get your focus back on your business.

And over the last couple of months, we have been carefully revamping kiwiHR’s functions to help you get more done, in less time and more intuitively. Now we’re excited to share this new chapter of HRIS software with you:

Because you asked for it: kiwiHR plus is here!
An upgraded experience for teams in need of additional support and more smart functionalities for running HR tasks efficiently.

“We recognise the diversity of small and medium-sized business owners, so we want to offer options that suit a variety of needs. kiwiHR Plus is for businesses that want the option of project tracking and get more done in less time. The upgrade comes with a vast variety of new functions and offers additional benefits, such as more customisable settings.” - Reza Madjidi , Co-Founder

After carefully listening to customer feedback, their needs, and to suit their continuous growth, we have unveiled kiwiHR plus. From now on, you’ll enjoy new useful features that complement to the ones you already use every day:

  • Track time and get productivity insights with Projects 🔥
  • Keep everyone informed with Company announcements 📢
  • Control attendance further with Timesheet editing limit 🔐
  • Expand employee benefits with Meal vouchers 🥗
  • Share as many documents as needed with Unlimited data storage 📁
  • Highlight information with employee notes 📝
  • Control absences with weekly time off limits 📆
  • … and more

Schedule an online demo with our product experts at your most convenient time 👨‍💻

Along with the upgraded kiwiHR, the latest updates make for the smartest, most reliable kiwiHR yet - and sets the ground for more powerful features coming next, like Payroll and Expense Management. In the meantime, let’s dive into the details:

Track time and get productivity insights with Projects 🔥

Keep track of time spent on recurring projects in your company and get better productivity insights with time tracking project reporting

Keep everyone informed with Company announcements 📢

Share your most important announcements and make sure they're known to all employees. From now on, no one in your company will miss a beat

Control attendance further with Timesheet editing limit 🔐

Get a more reliable time and attendance reporting by limiting the time period for employees to edit back dated timesheets

Increase your pool of employee benefits with Meal vouchers 🥗

If you’re looking for more ways to reward your employees, you’ll be glad to hear you can now calculate meal vouchers to your staff using kiwiHR

Share as many documents as needed with Unlimited data storage 📁

The cloud is the limit as far as sharing information. Take advantage of unlimited data storage for company documents


Highlight information with employee notes 📝

Think of kiwiHR as your HR notepad. Add, edit or delete employee notes. Notes can only be accessed by Owner or Admin

Control absences with weekly time off limits 📆

Enable your team to work remotely without losing control by defining weekly time off limits


Document folders 🗂

Keep your information organised and company resources decluttered with document folders


Additional compensation types 💰

Manage bonus payments, one time payments and as many compensation times as needed in one place


Just in case you missed it:

We’ve been working tirelessly to make kiwiHR better day by day. If you thought 2020 couldn’t surprise you more, here’s a list of handy features in case you couldn’t keep up with the news:

  • Compensation: manage multiple compensations and keep track of changes
  • kiwiHR app: install our HR software as an app on your computer. Here’s how.
  • Improved settings: configure everything in a single place. Time off, attendance, etc.
  • Public API: connect employee data to your preferred system using this API documentation

Do you still have questions? Schedule an online demo 👨‍💻

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Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

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Transparent time off management with calendar

Manage time off on the fly

Modern time tracking with overtime calculator

Track hours in just seconds

Step by step employee onboarding

Make new hires' first day perfect

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